by Niall Doherty

So I’m thinking we have the makings of a pretty nifty community here at Disrupting the Rabblement. These past few months have seen more and more of you fine readers chiming in with comments, and I’m conversing with an ever-growing number of you via Twitter, Facebook and email.

Through all of those channels, I’ve been able to hear some very cool stories about what big goals and adventures you’ve all got going on. And it’s inspiring stuff. In fact, connecting with all you fellow rabble rousers online has been something of a lifesaver for me here in Spain, where I’ve found it difficult to meet free-thinking proactive types, especially with the language barrier. I imagine I’d be one depressed and frustrated hombre right now if not for all the support and positivity I receive via the big web machine. (Muchas gracias!)


Now here’s what I want to do today: Introduce you fine folks to one another.

In a minute I’ll ask you to go leave a comment, but I don’t want you to leave just any old comment. Nope, I want you to really dig deep and hit me with your biggest, most lofty, audacious and ridiculous goal. You know, the one that’s likely to draw laughs and eye-rolls from all the old folks back in the village and all the lads in the pub. Except you don’t have to worry about such reactions here at Disrupting the Rabblement, because we’re all about thinking big and tackling the impossible, screw the naysayers and dream-slayers.

I’ll get the ball rolling by announcing a perfectly unreasonable goal that’s been brewing in my mind for the past few weeks. You already know of my intention to spend 3+ years circumnavigating the globe without flying, but this is something different:

The Five Tongues of Awesome

Don’t worry, it’s not as kinky as it sounds 😉

The Five Tongues of Awesome is what I’ve dubbed my dream of becoming fluent in the world’s five most widely-spoken languages. Those five would be (as measured by number of native speakers, according to Wikipedia):

  1. Mandarin
  2. Spanish
  3. English
  4. Hindi-Urdu
  5. Arabic

Being fluent in those five languages would mean I’d be able to communicate effectively with approximately 1/3 of all people living on this big rock we call home. Which methinks would be pretty damn cool.

And I don’t just mean conversationally fluent. I’d be aiming to reach a level of fluency that would allow me to deliver a clear and effective speech in front of at least 100 native speakers of each language, and be comfortable handling Q&A afterwards.

Now every goal needs a deadline, so I’m going to give myself until the age of 40 to achieve this. As of this writing, I’m 29 years old. I’m already pretty handy at the auld English and I’m almost three months deep into learning Spanish (steadily approaching conversational fluency). I know nothing of the other three languages on the above list, other than they look and sound funny.

I figure with at least two years of consistent study and practice at each of those languages, together with some healthy doses of immersion, I should be able to achieve my goal, while having plenty of adventures along the way 🙂

Your turn!

Alright, over to you. Let me know of your biggest, craziest goal via the comments. Put it out there, make it that bit more tangible. Let’s all see the legendary company we keep by reading this blog.

P.S. Even if you don’t feel like sharing, be sure to check out the first comment below for details on a special offer for DtR readers.