by Niall Doherty

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Last week I sat down with a group of folks from the New Orleans Law of Attraction Meetup group. We took a few minutes each to talk about big projects we’re working on, how we’re turning our dreams into realities.

Robert was up third. I’d never met him before. He’d spent 30 years driving trucks and recently went through a messy divorce. He talked about a new limousine business he had just started up, named Grand Finale Limousine. His eyes sparkled as he shared with us his vision. He has dreamed of owning a fleet of white Escalade limousines, each one named after a type of white rose. As he talked, he could barely contain his excitement. He sees this business as his own grand finale, and he’s intent on pouring his heart and soul into it, building something bigger than himself, something he can be forever proud of.

And then Robert’s eyes dimmed a little, as he told us of the trouble he was having getting a loan from the banks to buy a second vehicle. He has the passion and the vision, but he also has poor credit, so the banks don’t want to know.

Robert is stuck. But he doesn’t have to be.

The success superhighway

We’re living in the internet age. Haven’t you noticed? We no longer need permission to succeed. If you have the vision and the passion, you can go online and share that directly with people who care and are willing to help.

You don’t need a traditional bank to give you a loan when there are websites like Kickstarter, where you can spill your guts and find donors who believe in your vision and want you to succeed.

If you’re a writer, you don’t have to suck up to a traditional publisher and hope they’ll make you famous. Not when you can create and sell an e-book online with almost no overhead, or go the print-on-demand route, or start a kick-ass blog.

If you’re a musician, you don’t have to play every night in dingy dance halls, waiting for an industry bigwig to come along and discover you. Not when you can share your music online and connect with true fans who will pay to support you.

In fact, it really doesn’t matter what you do. As long as you have something valuable that people want — and anyone can create value if they persist — you can get it to them without jumping through third-party hoops.

As I told Robert last week, the gatekeepers are dead. We no longer need middlemen. The internet levels the playing field. If you’re passionate about your business and work to become the best at what you do, you’ll find all the help you need waiting on the web.

If you’re in the New Orleans area and in need of a limousine ride, please consider giving Robert a call: (985) 710-1894


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