by Niall Doherty

Every now and then, when someone begins to understand just how obsessed I am with personal development, they’ll say something like this:

“Why the need for constant improvement? Can’t you just be satisfied being who you are?”

The answer is in that second question.

Who I am, is someone who loves personal development and enjoys nothing more than building new skills and becoming the best person I can be. I’m very satisfied being that person.

If you don’t like pushing yourself or trying new things regularly, no worries. As long as you’re happy living like that, knock yourself out. But that life isn’t for me. It’s not for a lot of people.

Please don’t try to fix us. We’re not broken.

If you’re like me — someone who constantly seeks to better yourself, and is very happy in doing so — please ignore anyone who says you have a problem. Because you don’t.

Keep doing what you do, no need to apologize for being you.