Travel The World + Work Online

Podcast Introduction

Travel The World + Work Online

Podcast Introduction

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Notes & Links For This Episode

This episode will serve as an introduction to the podcast, even though there are other episodes published beforehand. You can see and listen to them all on iTunes and in the archive.

The Travel The World + Work Online podcasts aims to help people, well… travel the world and work online, and will strive to counterbalance a lot of the crappy advice and misinformation out there.

In the episode I shared some statistics about the global movement towards remote work:

CNBC has calculated that “over the past 20 years, the number of gig economy workers — those who operate as independent contractors, often through apps — has increased by about 27 percent more than payroll employees.”

The most recent statistics from Global Workplace Analytics tell a similar story:

  • 80-90% of the US workforce says they would like to work remotely.
  • 20-25% of the US workforce already operates remotely to some degree.
  • Another 50% holds a job that is compatible with partial remote work.
  • 50-60% of the time, Fortune 1000 employees are not at their desk.
  • 75% of employees who work from home earn over $65,000 per year.

Then you have Entrepreneur noting that remote workers are healthier, more productive, more loyal, and save companies huge amounts of money. And Pieter Levels talking about there being 1 billion nomads by 2035.

I also quote an article about digital nomads from Career Shifters:

20 years ago, they called it ‘telecommuting’, or ‘remote working’. Ten years ago, Lea Woodward coined the term ‘location independence’ to describe the lifestyle. Tim Ferriss brought it to a new audience in The 4-Hour Work Week, terming people who had designed their lives around freedom ‘The New Rich’.

Then, the terminology shifted from a way of working to an identity: the Digital Nomad.

In an ever-globalising world where flight prices are dropping and technology is developing at a dizzying rate, working online from anywhere in the world has never been so accessible to so many people.

About Your Host

Niall DohertyI’m Niall Doherty, from Ireland, and I’ve been traveling the world and working online since 2010.

For most of that time I’ve earned a living as a freelance web developer, and more recently I’ve been running a course (3M1K) that helps people build an online business.

At one point I spent 44 months traveling around the world without flying, visiting 37 countries along the way. You can read more about that adventure here.


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