by Niall Doherty

I am incredibly privileged.

Growing up in Ireland I was always safe, I received a great education and had a wonderful childhood. Even better: I’ve been able to leverage that background to create a peachy location independent lifestyle for myself.

I can live pretty much anywhere and in any way I choose. Life is good.

Not everyone is this lucky. And maybe I’m even lucky enough to be able to help change that.

Are you lucky enough to join me?

My friend Ben Randall was once a traveler enjoying the splendors of SE Asia. He had an opportunity to teach English in a village in Northern Vietnam, where he befriended many locals, including a 15 year old girl, who we will call “M”, from a minority hill tribe. After Ben left the country, he learned from a mutual friend that M had been kidnapped and probably sold as a prostitute.

Sadly her story is not unique. Kidnapping and human trafficking is a global industry, affecting tens of millions of people and worth tens of billions of dollars. Many of the victims are female, and are often just girls when they are taken.

human trafficking

Ben, a filmmaker and photographer, has left his safe life and is spending all his time and savings making a documentary film about human trafficking and his search for M. He wants to locate M, and find out what can be done to stop the same thing from happening to others like her.

Along the way he is meeting the people and organizations fighting human trafficking on the ground. Their stories need to be heard, too.

To do this, Ben needs our help.

Watch the short video atop this post. It explains Ben’s crowdfunding campaign and how we can all help.

Then, please visit ‘The Human, Earth Project’ crowdfunding page to learn more about the project and make a donation. Anything you contribute will go a long way towards getting this story out to the world and raising awareness about the tragedy of human trafficking. (Plus, you can choose some cool rewards.)

I myself have just made a $100 donation to the campaign, despite my savings being pretty low right now. This is a serious issue, and it’s important to support people like Ben who are actually out there trying to do something about it.

I’d also really appreciate it if you could share the ‘The Human, Earth Project’ on your favorite social media sites by clicking the buttons below.

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Thanks for your help. Together we can make a substantial difference.


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