by Niall Doherty

Hello from Thailand!

I arrived on Friday aboard the beautiful Costa neoRomantica. It was a perfect, relaxing, 5-day cruise from Kochi in India; exactly what I needed after a couple of crazy months dashing around the subcontinent trying to figure out a way to get to Southeast Asia without flying. Tough to describe the epic feeling of finally setting foot on Thai soil — or should I say sand, given that I disembarked onto a tropical beach — but hopefully the above video gives you some idea of what it was like.

Now, a few hearty thank yous are in order…

Thank You, Costa Cruises!

I can’t say enough good things about Costa Cruises and everyone associated with them. From Buck Banks at NewmanPR1 who first brought my request to the attention of the decision-makers at Costa, to the English-speaking hostess Maria aboard the neoRomantica, everyone was just legendary.

To get an idea of what my cruise was like, check out these few photos on Facebook and the following videos:

Thank You, Graham Hughes!

Thanks to Graham for letting me know about the neoRomantica in the first place. If not for him, I’d probably still be stuck in India, working up the courage to go bribe my way back across the Nepalese border (I was getting that desperate!).

You might remember Graham from the interview I posted a few weeks back. He’s about to become the first person ever (EVER!) to visit every country in the world without flying. It’s taken him almost four years, and now he just has one single nation to visit after crossing 200 off the list. He should be arriving at the finish line of South Sudan within a week. You can follow the final days of his epic journey via @EveryCountry on Twitter, and on his blog.

Also, if you know of any media outlets that would be interested in what Graham’s doing, do give them a shout and share his story. The man deserves mucho publicidad.

Thank You, Readers!

Yup, thank you!

Without the help of your sexy self and a few hundred other cool people, I couldn’t have caught the attention of Costa Cruises and landed the trip to Thailand. As I note each month in my finance reports, I truly do get very well paid in kindness, and November was an especially good example of that.

Feeling ridiculously grateful as I hop on a comfy, 22-hour bus to Chiang Mai 🙂

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