by Niall Doherty

As yer reading this I’m aboard a luxury and quite expensive cruise across the Indian Ocean, due to arrive in Mumbai on Friday. Since them hook handed galley slaves at Royal Caribbean see fit to charge $35 per hour for Internet usage, I’ve decided to stay offline for the duration of the trip and instead task myself with avoiding sunburn, talking like a pirate, and reading many a fine book.

So, no better time to get caught up with all yer thoughts on this here blog.

I’ve put together a quick survey below so I can gather feedback and figure out how to better serve you, o super non-scurvy-sufferin Disrupting the Rabblement reader. I know what I get from this blog, but I’d like to better understand what you get from it. I’m aiming for that sweet spot where we’re both enjoying the bejaysus out of everything I write and create.

There are only six questions in the survey, and it should take no more than five minutes of yer land-lovin time to complete. Feel free to give very brief answers, or dump a whole heap of feedback on me. I’ll be sure to read every response and take yer suggestions seriously.

The survey will remain open until I find me some reasonably priced Internet again. So on with ye, me hearties…

Can’t see the survey below? Click here.

[UPDATE: The survey is now closed! Thanks for all your submissions.]

As always, thanks so much for yer support. You beauties definitely help motivate me to keep reaching towards my crazy dreams. I hope to return the favor as much as I possibly can.


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