by Niall Doherty

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Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them. – Henry David Thoreau

  1. When I was 16, I threw stones at a high flood light in my Dad’s yard until I smashed it. My Dad suspected my cousin of doing it, and I did nothing to convince him otherwise. Sorry Dad. Sorry Cuz.
  2. A few weeks after moving to New Orleans in 2007, I awoke from a drunken blackout in a strange bedroom with a guy’s hand down my pants. I told him to stop and he did.
  3. My first kiss came at age 17. I lost my virginity at age 22. Neither memory is romantic. Both are kinda funny though.
  4. Back in 2008, I had a bout of what the TV calls erectile dysfunction. I’m pretty sure it was because I was pretending to be interested in a relationship with this one girl so I could keep having sex with her. That dishonesty apparently didn’t sit well with my subconscious, hence the floppiness. Thankfully, I was able to overcome that problem. All I had to do was be honest about my intentions with women.
  5. If you think it’s totally fine to eat cows and chickens but not cats and dogs, I believe you’re suffering from what psychologists call compartmentalization.
  6. I expect that someday, hopefully within my lifetime, mankind will look back on meat-eating the way we now look back on slavery.
  7. I sometimes pee in the shower.
  8. I sometimes think I have a drinking problem.
  9. I don’t recycle as much as I should.
  10. Several times when I worked at Dunnes Stores in Ireland, I made a bed for myself in a hidden corner of the stock room and took a nap. I also stole a few pairs of pants during my time there.
  11. As an 11-year-old, I’d torture slugs to death in the garage with a can of deodorant and a naked flame.
  12. I’ve long felt that I’m destined for great things. As such, I feel obligated to work towards being the best person I can be. I’m terrified of becoming one of those “most men” Thoreau described.
  13. I have one big secret that I’ll reveal here in January. I’ve only ever told one person about it. I want to tell at least one more before announcing it to the world. (Subscribe here so you don’t miss it 😉
  14. I once peed on the front steps of the courthouse in Waterford. I was trying to impress my friends.
  15. I often worry that I’m not thinking enough for myself.
  16. One of my biggest fears is being a hypocrite.
  17. I haven’t said “I love you” to any girl for the past six years. I’m terrified that those words will be interpreted as “I’ll love you forever,” and I’m really not comfortable making promises I can’t keep.
  18. I believe I’m better than average in the looks department. I consider both my brothers to be better looking than me. I used to be bothered by that, but not so much anymore. I guess that’s because I’ve really learned to enjoy being me. Sometimes I envy others, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t want to swap places with anyone else in the world. I’d rather see my own life through.
  19. I love Asian women. If there weren’t so many of them in Asia, I wouldn’t be so interested in going there.
  20. I’m wondering if you’ll think I’m a pervert since so many of these points are about sex :-/
  21. I don’t believe I am a pervert. I checked the definition and methinks it no fit.
  22. Much of the inspiration for this post comes from Corbett Barr.
  23. I believe veganism is a significant step towards world peace.
  24. I began writing all this in September. I didn’t want to post it until after I quit 9-to-5. I tell myself that was because I was concerned about what my colleagues would think of me and I didn’t want that to be a distraction at work, but fear also played a part. It was easier to wait.
  25. I’m sure many people consider me flaky. I can’t say they’re mistaken. I get bored easily, I like to try lots of new things, meet lots of new people and visit lots of new places. I don’t see this as something being wrong with me. It’s just who I am. I’ve chosen to embrace it rather than try neuter myself to fit other people’s expectations.

That was a peek inside my soul. Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll also choose to share a little more of the real you with the world. Because Oscar Wilde was right:

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.


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