by Niall Doherty

This is the first episode of The Foundations of Entrepreneurship. The goal of the series is to learn about the fundamental building blocks of business and entrepreneurship.

We kick things off with Sean Ogle from Location Rebel.

I wanted to interview Sean because he has helped hundreds of people build skills, earn income online, quit their jobs, and travel the world while working from their laptops. I’ve been a paying member of Location Rebel myself for two years, and I’ve seen many transformations happening inside there. One example is my buddy Carlo Cretaro, who had the following to say in an email exchange about Location Rebel:

I joined LR last November and started freelance writing in January. I was making about €2000 [$2700] a month by June, and now I’m up to €4000 [$5400] per month with an advertising project and I hope to be hitting €6000 [$8100] by the end of the year all going to plan.

Carlo’s results aren’t typical, nor are they unusual. His story shows what’s possible. Keep in mind that he had no online business skills to speak of less than a year ago.

Sean gives lots of great, actionable advice in this interview. Consider it a crash course in becoming an online entrepreneur.

Uncut interview (52m)

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 3 Key Takeaways

My three key takeaways from this interview, with a focus on action. Remember that doers get rewarded.

  1. Forget about passive income. Focus first on active income. That means going out and finding one client who you can help directly by providing a service. Grow from there.
  2. Start building your network, both online and offline. Identify people you want in your corner. Start promoting their stuff, reach out by email, invite them for coffee, etc.
  3. Start now. Get a very simple website or blog set up. If you don’t know how to do that, figure it out. Think of it as a problem to be solved. If you really want to be an entrepreneur, you need to get good at solving problems.

$1,000 worth of proven online business training up for grabs

I’m giving away two memberships to Location Rebel, worth $497 apiece. In addition, the two winners will each receive a 30-minute Skype call with Sean Ogle, and a 30-minute Skype call with me. We can help you brainstorm ideas or answer whatever questions you have about working online.

Okay, let me repeat that. Here’s what you could win:

  • Access to $497 worth of online business training (the same training Carlo leveraged to go from $0 to $5000 per month in less than a year).
  • A 30-minute Skype call with Sean Ogle, who has helped hundreds of people earn a living online.
  • A 30-minute Skype call with me, a guy who has been earning a living online for almost three years now.

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