by Niall Doherty

I quit my 9-to-5 job on the 19th of November, 2010. A little over a year ago today.

I’ll be honest: it’s been a tough year, much tougher than I thought it would be. Starting out, I fully expected that I’d be making more money within three months as an entrepreneur than I ever did as an employee, while working just a few hours per day.

Instead, this past year has seen me living mostly off my savings while working longer and harder than I ever did before.

But although these past twelve months have been tough, they’ve also been immensely rewarding. Having embraced the struggle, I now find myself right on the verge of living my dream lifestyle. In fact, I’m already living it in many ways:

  • I’ve just earned $1000 for the second consecutive month, without a job.
  • Within 24 hours last week, I had my first TV interview, presented a workshop on blogging, and did a live webinar with Jen Gresham.
  • I’ve visited four foreign countries in the past seven weeks, spending a good chunk of time in each of them. Tonight I’ll hop on a sleeper train to Budapest Vienna.
  • I regularly get to meet and hang out with great and inspiring people.

In short, my life is hugely fulfilling right now. Sometimes I stick on this song by Queen and dance around like a complete eejit. Those three minutes are a little tribute to my past self, the guy who made those sacrifices and put in the work so I can be where I am today, living this life I’m living.

I love that guy 🙂

Now, what about you?

Perhaps you find yourself in a similar position to me twelve months ago, a tough and uncertain road ahead, separating you from your dream lifestyle. The choice you have to make is whether you’ll let yourself be here in the exact same spot a year from now, no closer to that dream, or whether you’ll do what’s necessary to make it real.

The thing is, the next twelve months of your life are going to pass regardless. You can either use that time being a good friend to your future self, or you can arse around and be left with nothing to show for it.

A quick visualization exercise: Think back over the last month or so, and how you’ve spent that time. Now imagine where you’ll be a year from now if you continue to spend your time like that. What do you think will happen? Where are you likely to end up?

Is that where you want to be?

Leaving you with wise words from Darren Hardy…

“Do you know what successful and unsuccessful people have in common? Both hate to do what it takes to be successful. The difference is that successful people do it anyway.”


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