by Niall Doherty

A few days ago I received an email from someone who referred to me as “a successful businessman.”

I had to disagree.

Last year I stumbled into a passive income stream that continues to support me financially. I didn’t create that business. I just got lucky and latched on.

When I think of a true entrepreneur, I think of someone who can turn problems into opportunities into thriving businesses in practically any market. I spoke with an entrepreneur here in Bangkok a few weeks ago, a guy who has been in business for more than a decade now. He told me he feels confident that you could drop him in any city on Earth with $200 in his pocket and he’d build something great.

That’s an entrepreneur. And I’m nowhere near that yet.

“Entrepreneurship is about vision, creation, and innovation, it’s a way of life and a means to a living. In the past decade entrepreneurship has lost its true meaning and prestige and instead has been looked at as a synonym for being self employed.

Entrepreneurs are not defined by how much money they have made but rather by the innovations they create and the impact they make on others around them, and while most will tell you they are entrepreneurs when they have learned to master a skill that enables them to make money, that certainly isn’t true.”

– Pejman Ghadimi, via The Eventual Millionaire

Once you’re lucky…

My Parkour coach tells me that you haven’t really broken a jump until you do it three times. You can get lucky once and even twice, but three times takes real skill.

I feel I’ve gotten lucky once in business, and so I’m far from satisfied. I want the real skill. I want that deep confidence that I can spot an opportunity and create a successful business pretty much anywhere, the type of business that solves a real problem and improves many lives.

We’re on a journey

You’re probably like me. You may be able to call yourself self-employed or even a business owner, but you’re not an entrepreneur. Not yet.

And that’s okay. We’re on a journey, and we’ll get there eventually.

My plan with this blog and Renaissance TV is to share that journey. I’m doing a better job lately of reaching out to real-deal entrepreneurs and learning from them. In the very near future I hope to bring you insightful video interviews with successful online entrepreneurs.

Speaking of which: Is there anyone in particular you’d like to see me interview? And what specifically would you like to learn from that person?

Let me know via the comments.


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