July 1st – July 15th, 2017


After interviewing Janet yesterday I’m thinking I should move on from freelance web design. It’s fairly easy money, but it doesn’t fit in with anything else I’m doing. Wouldn’t I be better off doing freelance writing and blogging? That way, like Janet, I could earn a living while honing my craft, expanding my network, and building my brand. Wouldn’t earn as much to start, but long-term it would be the smart play.


From this rented apartment in Moscow I had five Skype calls today: 3M1K students in India and Kenya, someone interested in 3M1K in Amsterdam, a friend in Mexico, and my parents in Ireland. That’s instant communication with people on four different continents, and I took it completely for granted until I sat down to write this and thought about my day.


Definition of amortal: “Unable to die from disease or age. Immortal if no physical ailment befalls you.” Human technology could be advanced enough thirty years from now to make amortality possible. Would that make us more cautious, unwilling to take risks? Die snowboarding today and you’ll miss out on ~50 more years of living. But die doing that in an amortal future and you’ll miss out on eternity.

Pedestrian bridge over the Moskva


Apparently there are 243 stations on the Moscow Metro system. I’m wondering if it’s possible to hit all of them in a single day. You know, just for kicks. The metro opens at 5am and closes at 1am. That would give me 20 hours, which works out to about six minutes per station, including travel time. Bring some friends, shoot some video, make a day of it.


One of the great things about running this 3M1K biz is that I learn a lot on the job. Through it all I’ve become a much better marketer, copywriter and freelancer. But perhaps most beneficial has been doing regular Skype calls with members, lots of practice listening and coaching. I still have plenty of room for growth, but starting to appreciate how far I’ve come.


Feasting at a little corner kebab shop in Istanbul, the kind of place where old men gather for a chat, throwing scraps to a couple of cats. Weather’s perfect, faces in windows and balconies, in the air there’s the evening call to prayer. A kid walks through care-free, stepping on the backs of his shoes. Across the way at a grocery there are two women in hijab smiling with a young man. One reaches out and touches his face.

Busy street market in Istanbul


Been a good day. Epic slow breakfast with more plates than could fit on the table. Long walks through the city. Blue mosque, iced coffee, stray cats, lamb kebab. Now it’s almost midnight and we’re on a party boat on the Bosporus with friends met in Tenerife. But I’m wrecked and have taken to hiding in a quiet spot below deck to conserve a bit of energy. Not as young as I used to be.


Shoe shine guy crossing the street in front of us drops a brush and we call after him. He’s all grateful and insists on serving me. I cave too easily, knowing it’s not going to be a freebie, and thinking it might have been a setup from the start. Confirmed a couple hours later when someone else drops a brush in front of us. We say nothing to this dude, just give him the stink eye when he turns back to retrieve his bait.


Step-counter app says we walked 33 kilometers the previous two days. Combine that with the heat here and it makes sense I’m wrecked. Would probably have stayed in resting all day if I was on my own. But traveling with a partner you feel obliged to make the most of it, to get out and do stuff. Tonight that stuff was drinks at a rooftop bar watching the sunlight fade and a red moon rise.

Sunset and Moonrise in Istanbul

Sunset and moonrise from Leb-i derya in Istanbul <3

Posted by Disrupting the Rabblement on Sunday, July 9, 2017


Almost 2,000 people have died in terrorist attacks in Turkey since the turn of the century, about half of them in the last 2.5 years. What worries me though is that almost every taxi I’ve taken in Istanbul has unusable seat belts. Check the numbers and you’ll see that 7,300 people were killed in traffic accidents in this country last year. But everyone’s all terror this and terror that and they don’t say shit about buckling up. 1


Layover in Bahrain at the fanciest lounge I’ve ever seen, with a massive spread of free food and attendants standing by. In prep for an upcoming podcast, I spend my time skimming The Vegetarian Myth and watching Cowspiracy, then proceed to feel like I shouldn’t be eating anything here. It was all probably produced unsustainably, and shipped in from thousands of miles away. But I eat it all anyway.


Fairly safe to say that most male tourists come to Thailand for sex and/or inebriation. When I first came here five years ago, I didn’t drink but I was definitely giddy at the prospect of the other thing. Now I’m all committed, that’s off the cards, too. It’s palpable on the plane though, all the lads with their smirks and beer bellies and lingering looks at the flight attendants, debauchery on their minds.

Had my first classes in boxing and BJJ today. Didn't spar in boxing but did get to roll plenty of times in BJJ.And it's just as I feared: I want more!

Posted by Disrupting the Rabblement on Thursday, July 13, 2017


I’m here in Chiang Mai to learn how to fight, and I got stuck in today. An hour of boxing training, followed by ninety minutes of BJJ. Didn’t get to spar in the ring, but rolled quite a bit on the mat. My height was giving people problems, but they were giving me more. Still, I enjoyed it immensely. Something about that rough and tumble physical contact that’s good for the soul.


MMA sparring today, which was exhausting but so much fun. Got my ass kicked several times. Held my own a few times too but pretty sure that was when they were going easy on me or working on specific parts of their game. Also took a nice shot to the left eye, drew a little blood and left me with a good bruise. I’m secretly delighted.


Organized a dinner with seven friends tonight. Except I’d never met four of them before. Two I’d only known online for years, and one was a friend of another online friend. Two of the seven in 3M1K, five nationalities between us, many a story shared and lots of good food consumed. Just a random Saturday night in Chiang Mai.

Saturday evening in Chiang Mai

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  1. References: Terrorism attacks in Turkey 1970-2016; Turkey Road Traffic Accident Statistics, 2016


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