June 16th – June 30th, 2017


It’s easy enough to delete a shitty comment, or walk away from someone disrespectful. But can you stop thinking about them after they’re gone? That’s the hard part, evicting them from your head, rather than let them live there and wreck the place, rent free. I think it was Jodie Foster who said, “In the end, winning is sleeping better.”


Upcoming travel plans: flying to Istanbul the first week of July, will spend a few days there for my lady’s birthday. After that it’s on to Thailand solo for a couple of weeks, going to dive into some fight training and get humbled. Then I’ll head up to Japan and meet up with herself again after she’s done with a work trip. We’ll spend several days exploring that dainty land before heading back west.


Getting the podcast rolling again with the Cuz. Aiming to do one episode per month now, which would be a big improvement over our one-every-four-months pace so far. Recorded close to two hours this evening on the topic of violence and fight training. Not sure if anyone will listen or care, but if nothing else it’s a good excuse to have more conversations with my best friend.


A good day for the biz. Got a bunch of stuff done, sold two copies of the Cheap Flight Checklist, and had five people sign up for 3M1K. Announcing the upcoming price increase for the latter surely didn’t hurt. Though as I told a friend today, it’s still very hard to predict how 3M1K will do from one month to the next. Zero sales the rest of the month wouldn’t surprise me, nor would twenty.


When you run your own business, you can be more flexible but you need to be more disciplined. It’s a double-edged sword. I take a nap after lunch pretty much every day and this afternoon we cycled through the woods to a nice park and lay in the sun for a while. But now it’s 11:33pm and I’m stuck at my laptop with my shoulders tense trying to finish some work and get to bed.

Down by the river

Down by the river


What goes through your mind when you see someone crushing it? Maybe a friend on Facebook with a ripped physique or somebody in the same line of work making a lot more money than you? Are you happy for them? Jealous? Critical? Would you feel the same if you were at their level? Do your current thoughts help you get there? Or do they hold you back?


Moscow is growing on me. At first, second and third glance it’s a big impersonal metropolis with harsh buildings and stern faces. But the longer I stay, the more I’m finding the beauty and warmth here. That park the other day, for instance. And this evening, on a boat full of songs and smiles, alongside scenic riverbanks and a glowing sky.


Words from Authority Hacker help explain some serious resistance I’ve been feeling this week: “Trying to get into SEO and not taking the time to learn the skill of building links is like trying get good at dating but refusing to talk to people… people are afraid of those two things (building links and talking to someone you’re attracted to) for the same reason: fear of rejection.”


People are so bad at discourse, man. Just read through a Facebook thread for an article on feminism, and pretty much everyone involved is attacking, judging, criticizing. So much anger, so much hate. Nobody says, “Let me see if I understand you correctly…” or “Can you clarify this point for me?” No minds are being broadened or changed. What the fuck are we doing?


With that in mind, when it came time to have ourselves a deep talk yesterday, while walking and rolling along by the river as the sun went down, I tried my best to follow the advice of a man who died five years ago. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. We leaned into the discomfort, and I reckon we emerged better for it.

Krylatskoe Sport Center

Krylatskoe Sport Center


The more successful 3M1K becomes, the more people it helps and the more testimonials I receive, the less aggressive my marketing. Feeling like I’ve amassed so much good content and feedback now that it mostly speaks for itself, and people are responding accordingly. It’s like a guy who worked hard for years chasing tail. Now he’s finally developed some significant substance and self-assurance, and finds himself getting better results with less effort.


Certain movies, books and podcasts bring back memories of time and place. Dark Knight Rises brings me back to Kathmandu. Mindless Eating has me just off the cargo ship in Lima. Sometimes the memory is hazy though, like that first Ryan Holiday episode on the Tim Ferriss podcast. I remember being on a bus, looking out at a brown hill, possibly in Bolivia.


Ten at night, sitting in the glow of two monitors, using an ironing board as a make-shift desk in this sparsely furnished apartment. Out the window and in the distance I see apartment blocks silhouetted against an orange sky. Been working pretty much the whole day, mostly just me and the machine. Now time for a yogurt-y treat. It’s been a good day.


Crazy how a pending price increase lights a fire under people. Deadline is midnight, regular sales coming in from folks who’ve been on my list for eons. It’s now a record-breaking month for 3M1K. But no time to relax. More members means more work helping them crush it. Ultimately, I don’t win unless they do.


Recorded an interview today with an Irish lady who works online writing about travel and visited 31 countries last year, a few of them on sponsored trips. Not so long ago she had a two-hour commute and twelve-hour work days at an office in Dublin. Now she goes where she wants, does what she wants. It’s a great time to be alive.

Musical trip down the river

Musical trip down the river

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