June 1st – June 15th, 2017


A little old Estonian lady just asked me to help her cross the street. So I did, guiding her across with her little hand in mine. She was very slow. It took about a minute, and the traffic had to wait for us. I couldn’t stop smiling after. Like she had given me a gift or something. Might have to start hanging out at crosswalks now, looking for another fix.


“Be careful with those Russian girls.” I’ve heard some variation of that a few times now. Amazes me that people actually say it with a straight face, somehow not realizing that they’re painting eighty million women with one judgemental brush. I wonder does the same thing happen in reverse, people telling my girl to be wary of those Irish men, with their penchant for alcoholism and fisticuffs.


Climbed a steep staircase up an 800-year-old wall. There’s a cafe up here, quiet with a nice view and little birds hunting for crumbs. Two cups of tea cost €8, but I’m remembering what a friend said earlier, about being grateful to pay for experiences you value. This, right here, this conversation with this backdrop, is easily worth the price of admission.


Terrorist attack in London. I skim the headlines for a minute and decide that’s enough. Circle of influence, circle of concern. Dwelling on that shit doesn’t help me or anyone else. I’ll rest today, after a long work week, maybe take a walk in the park, then get after it again tomorrow, focused on that first circle, pushing it to expand.


Here in Tallinn I’ve been getting up early and knocking out a 20-30 minute park workout before breakfast. This morning was stretching, a quick circuit, plus some grip and balance work. That’s two months now of exercising at least ten minutes per day. Combined with the cold showers, I’m wondering if I have more energy these days. Don’t seem to be sleeping as much.

Stumbled upon this medieval scuffle in the center of Tallinn. If only I’d had my suit of armor with me 😛


Actually, no, wait. That was just a flow and today came the ebb. Burnt out. Needed a day of resting up and doing nothing. Took me a few hours to stop hating myself and embrace the lull. Then I dug in and enjoyed the be-jesus out of a colossal Netflix binge. Still squeezed in the ten minutes of exercise though. Wasn’t so burnt out that I was willing to lose $200.


Last week I came across an ad for some cloud-based software that sounded great. The sales page was slick. The price was amazing. But I did a quick bit a googling, found a bunch of negative reviews, and decided not to buy. Simple as that. Makes me wonder how people get scammed online. I’ve never been caught out. Seems so easy to find the truth and steer clear of any swindle.


Not having a great week. Motivation is lacking. Part of it is that natural downswing, but I’m also feeling fairly isolated here. I miss being surrounded by entrepreneurial types like I was down in Las Palmas for the winter. Not quite the same coworking scene in Tallinn. Although when I ask myself honestly, I guess I’ve barely looked.


An open cafe in a bright, family-friendly mall isn’t where you’d expect to be challenged to a fist fight. This dude is drunk in the middle of the day, looking for trouble. We have a few words and he ends up shaking my hand and walking away, but I’m left shook, heart pounding. I’ve never been in a fight, wouldn’t know how to handle myself. Might be time I started acquiring a particular set of skills.


First time I arrived in Moscow it was all dark and wet and grey and they’d lost my luggage and I didn’t know how the metro worked. This time it’s early and warm and sunny and my luggage was there as soon as I reached the belt and I’m flowing from one train to the next to the center of the city. Only thing the same is that my girl is here to meet me at the end of the line. And that’s the most important thing.

Niall Doherty in Tallinn

Making friends with a creepy statue in Tallinn


At a little artisan coffee shop by a lake. There’s a bike lane out on the street and a row of nice cars, people going by on roller blades and walking their dogs. This could be so many places in the world. Belgium or Boston, Bangkok or Brisbane. I thought Moscow would be very different somehow, but no, not really. Normal people living their lives like anywhere else.


Coaching a guy to build better habits and turn his life around. He’s supposed to do just five minutes of exercise per day this week, starting small. He failed on day three. Trying to let him know that it’s not the failure that matters; it’s what you say to yourself after, and how you bounce back. Fuck knows I’ve been a lazy mess the past ten days, but I refuse to give up on me.


Upping the price of 3M1K at the end of the month. About a 33% increase. Easily warrants that. First launched it eighteen months ago and it’s only gotten better since. People who’ve joined tell me it’s under-priced, that they’d happily have paid more for all the value they’ve received. And I still believe it’s the most important work I can be doing, helping people break free.


Been in this coffee shop for the past seven hours, head down getting shit done. Cafe latte and a club sandwich, publish that interview with the subtitler, write a thousand words, cappucino, write two thousand words, pasta and a pot of tea, process emails and Facebook messages. Almost time to call a cab, head across town and jump on a Skype call.


Been thinking a lot about leadership lately, looking for any opportunity to practice. Dog walking, for instance. Did that this morning, and realized I was going at the dog’s pace. She was leading me. And I was giving in to her every tug on the leash. But by the end we were going at my pace, and she was beginning to understand that no amount of tugging would get her what she wanted.

Bolshoy Novodevichiy prud in Moscow

Old man fishing at Bolshoy Novodevichiy prud in Moscow

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