March 1st – March 15th, 2017


In a bar with some friends, glance towards the door and see a beautiful woman standing there, just my type. Such a sight would have tormented me two months ago. Will I go talk to her? Is she here alone? What will I say? But now I have a girlfriend, I’m off the hook. That first glance her way is also my last. I turn attention back to my friends, at peace.


I’ve heard said that the opposite of a truth is a lie, but the opposite of a great truth is another great truth. Here are what I believe to be two great truths: you must always keep working to improve yourself, to become better, wiser, stronger. And at the same time, you must believe that you, in this very moment, are enough.


Set another $1k penalty with my mastermind buddy. If I don’t get the new 3M1K marketing funnel finished and launched before I leave for Portugal on the 14th, I gotta pay. So putting in long days and trying to cut the fluff to get this done. Doesn’t help that I’ll be homeless this day next week. Neglected to extend my reservation at the coliving and they’re all booked up now.


Floating through the streets of Las Palmas, dressed ridiculous in floral shirt, floral pants, big curly wig. The music is pumping, the scene never-ending, 160,000 people dancing costumed in the calles. Angels, mermaids, bananas, queens, cartoons and superheroes. I knew Carnaval was going to be crazy, but this is a whole other level.


Carnaval has been going on for a couple of weeks but yesterday was my only taste of it, focused as I am on work stuff. Got to bed before midnight and working all day today on a webinar for 3M1K. Liking how it’s coming together, packed with helpful info for people who want to work online. And I managed to squeeze in cameos from Vincent Van Gogh, Homer Simpson, and a hedgehog.

Long days at the office


Lay awake for three hours last night, stressed, trying to figure out how I’m going to fulfill every commitment I’ve made for the next couple of months. In the end I decided to bail on a $6k client project. Should never have signed up for it in the first place. It’s a cool project, but it would require at least 150 hours of my time and effort before the end of April. That’s time and effort I should be investing in 3M1K.


It really is one long game of adjustments, isn’t it, this life thing. You try something, it doesn’t work, you change course, try something else, that works a bit better, you stick with it, try push it further, hit a wall, pick yourself up and try again… and on and on and on. You never get to a point where you have it all figured out. Nobody does.


Email from a 3M1Ker: “All in all, Niall, your course allowed me to change my life and start an entirely new career. A year ago I didn’t even know what copywriting was or that people did such incredible professions from anywhere in the world. And now, I’m doing it myself and earning decent money. It’s so empowering, I can’t even express. I know it’s only the beginning, but thanks for this!”


Insomnia, my old friend. Been lying restless late and often waking before my alarm the past couple of weeks. Tends to happen when I’m working a lot, especially on my own stuff. I’ve found it is best to make friends with it though. Just accept when sleepy time ain’t happening. Read a book or go do something. Helps of course that I have a flexible schedule and can have a catch-up nap during the day.


Spectacular weather lately, and we’re always five from the shore in Las Palmas so down there this afternoon making the most of it. Some women go topless on the beach here. I like that. Not just the sight of boobies, but also the fact that it’s no big deal. I’m all for clothing optional on beaches. Not enough of our naughty bits see sunshine.

From Gran Canaria with <3

Posted by Niall Doherty on Saturday, 11 March 2017


In the office before seven on a Saturday for a hardcore recording sesh. Pumped out a webinar and seven videos. Also squeezed in some buddy burger time and a little solo sunset appreciation. Only have about two weeks total left in this town. Well, this time around. Aiming to be back here next winter. Lots to like.


Recorded a four-minute video this morning and hired a freelancer on Fiverr to create Russian subtitles. Several hours later, a worried mom somewhere in Moscow was reassured that I will always respect her daughter, that I will always treat her well, and that I will always do my best to keep her safe. She has my word.


Epic work day, trying to finish up a bunch of stuff and avoid that $1k penalty before heading off to Portugal tomorrow. Been fasting since breakfast and skipped my usual midday nap as well. Pretty exhausted now, but it feels good at the same time, proud of the work I’m doing and excited to push it out into the world.


At a lounge, Terminal 2, Madrid–Barajas, between bites of lasagna writing two thousand people five hundred words about freedom. I’ll be meeting my girl in a couple of hours. Would never have met her in the first place if not for this, can pack a bag and move halfway across the world on a whim, knowing I can earn from anywhere. It never gets old.


Found a nice little place by a rocky beach with white umbrellas and a comfy love seat. We cuddle up there and watch the waves meet the shore and the sun meet the sea and stay until her glass is empty and my heart is full and Venus and Orion have come shining in the sky.

Wicked romantic, aren’t we?

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