January 16th – January 31st, 2017


Perhaps a good measure of a society, or a group, or an individual: how do they treat those with a different point of view? Someone called me a pussy today because I don’t share his beliefs. I’m not sure what that accomplishes. Maybe it makes him feel good or superior, and maybe that’s all he needs. But it doesn’t help me see the world the way he sees it. Shouldn’t that be his aim?


Was supposed to have a chat with my Spanish teacher yesterday about him using his phone during our Skype calls. It was bugging me, and I needed to say something. Told some people I would. But then I didn’t. And now they’re asking me how it went. Damn accountability. Painted myself into a corner. Which is exactly what I needed.


One of the downsides of working for yourself: you have to make all the decisions. Okay, so that can be a positive too, but on days like this, when I’m feeling sick and burnt out, I just want to crawl into bed and shut out the world and not have to decide everything myself.


Read a quote from Tony Robbins recently: “‘Stressed’ is the achiever word for ‘fear.’” That hits home. Whenever I’m stressed, I need to ask myself, “What am I afraid of?” Often I’m afraid of having a difficult conversation, setting/enforcing boundaries, or missing out on an opportunity. Tackling that fear relieves the stress.


I get in a zone when I’m working and hate to be interrupted. Pretty sure I often come across rude at coworking. Sometimes I won’t even notice people walking by, saying hello. Other times I’ll notice but won’t acknowledge them in case they take it as an invite to come chat. When they come chat anyway, I’m not very engaging. I don’t know how people can be social all the time and actually get shit done.

On the dunes in Maspalomas


We’re at Roque Nublo, the rock in the clouds, at the center of the island. Apparently it was a sacred site for the indigenous people here long ago, and they may or may not have performed human sacrifices to appease their sun god. Which is all very interesting, but I have a sudden urge to dance with a bunch of people, so we round up some strangers and let loose.


A coach used to say to us all the time, “Basketball is a simple game. Players just complicate it.” Standing looking at El Teide on a fading horizon this eve, sea water lapping at my sandy feet, music from a half century ago in my ears, I was thinking how the same is true of this life lark. Often we know what to do, solutions rarely complicated. Except in our heads.


On a call with these two gents, one in Chicago, one in Bali, me in the middle. It’s late but they have me pumped about this project we’ll be collaborating on. It will be a lot of work for me the next few months, mostly video stuff. But through the guise of helping people start a blog we’re going to open doors, expand minds and change lives.


Waves are rough and the tide is low. After twenty minutes fighting to catch one, one catches me, hard. I face plant on a sandbar, my head staying put while the rest of me keeps going. I hear and feel my neck crack and a previously unimagined future flashes through my brain. A minute later I’m sitting on the beach, body intact but mind a bit shook. That’ll do for today.


How well can you direct your attention? That really is the essence of happiness right there. Not what happens to you, but what you think about what happens to you. You have limited control over the former, complete control over the latter. Well, in theory anyway. Easier said than done, I know.

Roomies at the beach


I used to like having my own place, but man, if you’ve got cool flatmates, sharing is way better. I would sometimes go three days or more in Amsterdam and Berlin without any significant social interaction, and it was tough after that to go out and meet people, to flip back to social mode. With this setup in Las Palmas, being social is just a natural part of every day.


This time is just practice for the next time. No big deal. Do the scary thing now and it will be less scary in future. You’ll have the experience, know that it doesn’t kill you, that it really does make you stronger. For example, I spoke in front of 100+ people last month. Tonight I spoke in front of ~20 and it felt like a breeze.


She tells me some guy approached her on the street a half hour ago, broad daylight. He was funny, charming, direct, told her she was gorgeous, that he’d love to know her better. She was impressed. And I’m kicking myself because I’ve been that guy before but haven’t been lately. Especially with her.


Facebook is my main source of news these days, but even that’s becoming too much. Hearing what crazy new shit Trump’s saying or doing isn’t even the worst part. It’s the comments. Everybody out to prove themselves right and everyone else an idiot. And nobody listens. Nobody changes their mind. None of it makes a positive difference in the world.


“When the right girl does eventually come along, there’s no doubting it. You just know. And your life will never be the same again.” You ever hear people say that kind of thing? It’s a romantic notion, but I’ve never quite believed it. Or maybe I choose not to believe it. Maybe some part of me would rather believe that I’m in control of my life, that my future is not at the mercy of green eyes and a golden smile.


Launched the Cheap Flight Checklist yesterday. Sales haven’t been fantastic, but they’ve been decent, and the feedback has been great so far, better than expected. People are saving big money with this thing. It could really blow up if I get the marketing right. Which is doable, so long as I can find the time. That’s always the hardest part.

Gran Canaria road trip

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