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On a flight to Belgrade, you ask if you can sit in business class (no), you ask for a tour of the cockpit (no), you ask the fidgety lady beside you if she’s okay (kinda). On the bus from the airport, you ask people how to say hello and thank you in Serbian (zdravo, hvala). At the hostel, you ask to check in two hours early (yes) and if you can climb out on the roof to look at the view (yes).


A driver named Pavel is waiting for me at Boryspil airport, my name on a sign. He doesn’t speak much English, loves Chris de Burgh, greatest hits playing as we speed towards Kyiv. A certain song comes on and I hear a sniffle, look over and see Pavel wiping a tear. Once upon a time, a lady in red must have broken his Ukranian heart.


Tinder chat


Jesus Christ, Kiev. $35 for a three-course meal for three at one of the finest restaurants in town. $8 for a zip line across the river. $0.15 takes you to any metro stop in the city. And all the while you’re getting whiplash from the abundance of beautiful women roaming around. Was thinking Berlin every summer, but this place has me thinking twice.


Wheels just left the tarmac in Belgrade, five-day trip at an end. Eyes heavy and brain foggy after it all. Like the weather outside. Taking a breath… gratitude… remember. Had adventures, met people, ate well, stayed healthy. Above the clouds now, cotton wool carpet below. A pretty girl serving me orange juice. Tis a privileged life I lead.

Serbians don't forbid you to walk in dangerous places. They just want you to know that if you do, you might die.

Serbians don’t forbid you to walk in dangerous places. They just want you to know that if you do, you might die.


Paid a German lady €120 today to shoot a laser at my face in an attempt to remove a couple of warty things that’d been bugging me for a while. Vain, I know. Was thinking not to mention it here but it’ll be in my next finance report anyway so might as well. Which is part of what I like about those reports. They force me to be more honest, more accountable.


Starting to get a bit chilly now in Berlin. But not to worry: booked flights to Tenerife yesterday. Will be heading there November 1st, planning to stay through the winter, get some good work done, improve my Spanish, learn to surf, try get a proper tan for the first time in my life. Should be a good spot for shooting a few videos too.


Doing this 90 Day Money Game with the 3M1K crew, and I set myself a goal of $45,000 in proposals by the end of November. Started slow the past couple of weeks but spent this afternoon submitting three proposals worth a total of $8,200. Back in the saddle again.


What do you do when you’ve arranged to meet someone at a certain time and it’s ten minutes after and there’s no sign? I used to stick it out, would always bring a book so I wouldn’t mind waiting. No big deal, I’d say when they finally showed. But it is a big deal. It’s disrespecting my time, the ultimate non-renewable resource. I’m not waiting around anymore.


Scrolling through my Facebook feed today and I see a pic from one 3M1K member exploring Japan, another in Tenerife, and a video from a third paragliding in Nepal. A fourth recently moved to Israel, and there’s an email from a fifth telling me he just landed his first gig at $75/hour. So glad I built that course.

Monday in Kyiv 🙂 $8 for this zip line across the river. Another $4 for the video.

Posted by Niall Doherty on Thursday, 22 September 2016


There was an elderly lady sitting out front of the supermarket this morning begging for change. I passed her by with hardly a glance or a thought. Walking through a park later there was a robin redbreast struggling on the grass, a broken wing maybe. I stopped and crouched down and looked at it for a bit. And then I walked on again.


Awake at 3:45 this morning, all because of a decision I made yesterday… a decision to redesign my website. Now I’m obsessed, putting off other things that need doing to work on it, tumbling down the rabbit hole.


Sitting in a big classroom with thirty other people. There’s a man standing up front, sharing a quote with us. Winning isn’t everything, he says. It’s the only thing. Niall, do you agree? I knew he was going to call on me, because, well, I asked him to. But I had no idea what he’d have me speak about. Mind racing now as I make my way to the front of the room.


Skype call with my Mastermind buddy, who’s in Bangkok at the moment. Big launch the last couple of weeks with his business; they easily hit six figs with it. High level shit. Thought I’d be more envious on hearing that but mostly I’m happy for him. He does great work, provides a lot of value. And he helps me a ton with my business, too.


Got a new phone yesterday, has the fingerprint tech. Interesting how that kind of thing is almost ho-hum nowadays. I remember having my mind blown listening to live NBA games in Ireland and scrolling on an iPhone for the first time. I was even mesmerized by screensavers at one point. How quickly the magic becomes mundane.

Freeletics Meetup in Berlin

Freeletics Meetup in Berlin

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