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Been planning out my days and weeks more thoroughly on the calendar, and it’s giving me huge peace of mind. Can see very clearly now if I have time to take on more client projects, and having full days blocked out for different activities makes me way more focused and productive. Not sure why I resisted trying this for so long.


Admiralbrücke. Tis a bridge over the Landeswehr Canal in Kruezberg where all the cool kids seem to hang out on a warm evening and drink beer and play music. I drop by with a friend for an hour. It’s a Friday night, solid week of work behind me, tempted to stay longer and be social. But no, been in these situations before. They don’t get me where I want to go.


This morning is my reward. Sitting out front of an empty cafe by 9:30, exercise, meditation and a good breakfast already behind me, a good book in my hand and a cappuccino in front of me. I’ll stay here for four hours, finishing the book, making notes, getting where I want to go. Then I’ll float home, all in love with life like.


Before quitting nightlife, my Sundays would be short and lazy, trying to recover from two late nights and readjust my sleep schedule. Now I try get to bed by 11 every night of the week, and up by 7 every morning. Today, a Sunday, I cycled ten miles, did a tough 90-minute Freeletics workout, followed by a three-hour walking tour. Much more fulfilling than a couple nights out bantering with strangers.


Spent all day writing out a script and a shot list for my next video. Enjoying this kind of work. It’s a nice challenge, pulling a lot of different skills together, and I’ve been pleased with how the last few videos turned out. Not sure if all the time and energy I’m investing is worth it financially, but I’ll keep going for another while regardless.

Stopping off at Gendarmenmarkt on a walking tour of Berlin.

Stopping off at Gendarmenmarkt on a walking tour of Berlin.


Haven’t been dating at all here in Berlin. Was happy enough the last few weeks to focus on fitness and business. That’s wearing off now methinks. Feeling more of an urge for female attention, female company, that feminine energy. And sex of course. Will have to try get back into the swing of things while still steering clear of bars and such.


There’s a cemetery not far from where my apartment here, 160 years old, the most beautiful cemetery I’ve ever seen. I was there this morning, the sun slanting through the trees, a squirrel on the path and a robin on a headstone. The Brothers Grimm are buried there, and the guy who almost assassinated Hitler. Not a bad place to rest.


7:21am as we hop a high fence into an abandoned amusement park on the outskirts of Berlin. I brought gloves for climbing and pepper for dogs, have my cards hidden in my pack so they can’t ID me if we get caught. We’ll find broken dinosaurs, a rusty roller coaster and a lonely Ferris wheel. And we’ll only have to run once.


Another morning out exploring, hopping fences, shooting video. Very atypical for me as I’m usually a stickler for the routine, but I love that I can shake things up whenever. Rode out on the bike this morning with a big smile on my face, Cat Stevens playing in the soundtrack of my mind, thankful I can do what I want, find a new way, make it all true, make it undo.


I’ve lived almost entirely in cities since moving out of the country homestead at eighteen. I never much liked cities growing up, preferred the quiet and solitude of the sticks. I like them now, with everything available and convenient, especially social interaction. But I suspect I’ll return to the countryside eventually, be surrounded by more green, more animals, fewer people.

Exploring Spreepark

Exploring Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park on the outskirts of Berlin.
Thanks to Xavier for the photo. More photos and info about the place here.


At Templehof for the first time, a former airport, now a park. I’m on a yoga mat, under a tree, ten others sweating nearby. I’m probably the least flexible person in the class. The teacher has us release three om’s apiece as we relax in child pose. On the second, a nice chunk of bird shit lands on the mat next to my head. Namaste.


Back in the Thunderdome this morning. Ever since I laid eyes on that thing my goal has been to traverse the “ceiling,” swinging like a monkey. It’s about 30 feet across, 13 feet up. I couldn’t even get a quarter way across six weeks ago. Today I traversed the length of it, easy. All it took was a little consistency. Been in there 21 mornings since I found it. Baby steps get you places.


Published that video last night. Getting some nice compliments on it, and it’s generating some decent subscribes and social media attention. The best part about that whole video project though was that it was entirely self-directed. I came up with the idea and was able to spend several days making it happen. Autonomy. It floats my boat.


They have this thing in California called Equine Therapy. First you choose a horse, and the horse you choose says a lot about you. Then you have to move your horse from one end of the field to the other without touching him. The way to do it is to lead assertively and he’ll follow. If you doubt yourself at all, maybe look back to see if he’s still coming, he senses your doubt and quits following.


Got a big long email today, asking me to explain myself on a bunch of topics. Why are you so focused on business and money? Why do you live such a solitary lifestyle? Why are you so self-scrutinizing? That kind of thing. And I could reply back, but the older I get, the less I feel the urge to justify how I live my life. I’m very content most of my days. I wonder can the people asking these questions say the same.

Training for Strong Viking Brother Edition 2016. One month to go!Jeremy Weyman, are you ready??P.S. The place in the video is the "Thunderdome" you may have heard me mention a few times. It's in a little exercise park near my apartment, open all hours and free for anyone to use.

Posted by Niall Doherty on Thursday, 15 September 2016

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