by Niall Doherty


Trying to get past that habitual urge to do everything myself. I’ve long found it tough to let go and outsource and collaborate. But sometimes you realize that the actions and beliefs that have gotten you so far have become the very actions and beliefs stopping you from going any further.


Couple of Skype calls today with other web devs. Amazing what you can learn by reaching out to peers and role models and asking if they wouldn’t mind sharing some insights. But asking, listening, taking notes… that’s easy enough. The tough part is taking that new-found knowledge and putting it into practice. What actions will I take as a result of those calls today?


Giving the nightlife a rest for a while, having concluded that it’s a poor way to get my social fix. Wrecks my sleep pattern, and I rarely meet the kind of people I want to meet in bars and clubs. Going to try be more social with exercise instead, on the lookout for some group yoga sessions, might dabble in a few new physical pursuits.


The Olympics are happening. You’re probably hearing names you’ve never heard before, stars are being born. But consider this: there are athletes elsewhere in the world right now, not in these Olympics. They’re training hard for the next. Endless mornings in empty gyms, four more years of sweat, toil and sacrifice before we’ll know their names.


In bed by ten last night, up before seven this morning, a Saturday. Cycled to the park in the rain, stretched, did some balance work, stopped to watch the rabbits on the way home, then to a quiet cafe for some deep work, strategizing. Felt good, foregoing the cheap thrills, avoiding the self-sabotage, being kind to my future self.

Vegan donut time with Justin P. Moore, he of The Lotus and the Artichoke

Vegan donut time with Justin P. Moore, he of The Lotus and the Artichoke


There’s a great little place in Berlin where you can get a baked potato with a truckload of toppings for just €4. There this evening, sitting across from a legend of lady who started a quiet revolution, talking about drugs and dance and God and what we wish more men understood about women and vice versa.


A friend forwarded me along a great email from Primoz today, all about how to connect with and befriend people you’d like to have in your life. It’s pretty simple actually, just two steps (emphasis mine):

  • Add value to someone you know by doing something others wouldn’t do for them.
  • Keep doing this consistently over time until (and after) you build a strong relationship.


Sat down this morning and planned out the next four weeks. I’ll be visiting Dublin, Belgrade, Kiev, and hosting a few visitors here in Berlin. I blocked out days for client work, days for shooting video, days for editing, and so on. With that done it’s easier to see what more I have time for, how much more I can afford to say yes to.


Starting a new thing with the 3M1K crew: The 90 Day Money Game. I’m aiming for $15k by the end of November, which means $45k in proposals. Scary shit. Waiting on Skype today for a prospective client to come online for a call, found a part of myself wanting him to no-show. Easier that way. Let’s me off the hook. But he showed, and a better part of me is glad he did.


Above a pub on the south bank of the Liffey, something special is happening, a celebration of feminine art and creativity. Eight ladies take turns speaking, dancing, sharing poetry. None trying to make an impression, all striving for free expression. I believe everyone has a masculine and a feminine side. Tonight, my feminine is aglow.

Howth Head on a spectacular Saturday

Howth Head on a spectacular Saturday


Ten out of ten contentment today. Rambling around Dublin, exploring, shooting video, banter with strangers, a playful vibe. Coffee with a 3M1Ker, lunch with a new friend. A wander through St. Stephen’s, up and down Grafton, winning several smiles. A kind note from my host, a warm welcome from family. A day in the life of a lucky man.


Out at Howth Head, a beautiful spot in this small country – my small country – that I’d never been to before. Yellow gorse, purple heather, green grass, blue sky, white sails. People walking happy dogs and gulls floating on the breeze. Been around the world and seen places my countrymen will never see, but here on the island they’ve all seen more than me.


When you’re tired, the best thing you can do is take a nap, or get to bed early and have a good long sleep. But when you’re tired, willpower is lacking, and so you’re more likely to make poor decisions. Example: instead of going to bed, you laze around watching Netflix, maybe stay up late to watch a few more episodes. And then you’re wrecked again the next day.


A friend is traveling around Europe right now. Someone wrote on his Facebook, “I envy you so much it’s ridiculous.” I don’t know that person’s situation, but I know my friend’s. He worked 14-hour shifts at a hospital for a year and banked $100k. Now he’s doing whatever he wants. No big secret, no magic bullet. Work hard, make it happen.


Back into my routine in Berlin, back in the dome at 7am this morning, hang strength has dipped a bit thanks to the few days without training. Catching up on client projects and other bits and pieces the rest of the day. Squeezed in the nap and a good bit of reading. Now I’m on hold with the fraud department of a credit card company in the US.


Growing fond of this city. Strolling around the neighborhood this eve after another solid work day, a friend crashing at my place treated me to gnocchi alfresco, then to the park at dusk, plenty of peaceful people buzzing about, stumbled across a concert in the open air, the scene rich with satisfied smiles and an orange glow under the fading sky.

Sunset in Berlin

Sunset in Berlin

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