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A little before 8am at Hotel Casa 400. I’m laying in bed, she’s in the bathroom, getting ready for the day. She’s listening to some comedy show on her phone, in a language I don’t understand. And she’s laughing. I love that laugh. I love when she’s happy. She deserves to be happy. I’m leaving again tomorrow.


Arrived in Berlin this morning. Renting an apartment for half what I was paying in Amsterdam. Filled my belly for €3.50 at a restaurant down the street. I’ll be spending the next three months here, focused on work. Looking forward to getting back into a routine. And living alone again. Four weeks of shared accommodation had me frazzled.


Skype calls this morning with 3M1Kers in Spain, New Zealand and Chile. Then I put together a quote for a prospective client in Germany. Afternoon Skype calls with an assistant in California and an acquaintance in Amsterdam. Then an hour working on projects for clients in Ireland and New Orleans. Just another day at the virtual office.


Lived like a hermit today. Didn’t get outside at all, spent a dozen hours at the work stuff and ate two meals of rice, lentils, veg. A repair guy dropped by to fix the stove and I was on the phone to herself back in Amsterdam for a bit, but no human interaction otherwise. And I’m perfectly content with that. Batteries recharging.


A passage from Progression that rings oh-too-true:

People tend to get intimidated when they meet someone who is “powerful” or “accomplished” – and there’s something to that, but people are people. Almost everyone who does this exercise realizes they don’t reach out enough to people they’ve met who could really help make a big boost in their lives. You’ll want to fix that.

Chilling out at Thai Park in Berlin

Chilling out at Thai Park in Berlin


Eye glued to the computer screen for most of the past three days, catching up on work, getting back on track, reveling in some much-needed solitude. Today I was out and about for several hours. Found it tough interacting with humans again, social skills atrophied. Like I was a teenage boy and everyone I tried talking to was some hot girl two years my senior.


Negotiating with a large man who doesn’t speak much English. The price is 165. I have to mime a little to communicate my offer of 140, which leaves him room to counter with 150. He counters with 150, I say deal, then check my wallet to find only 145 in there. Ist gut he says, a little too easily, which leaves me wondering if I just bought a lemon.


Getting back to the morning routine good and proper now. Up at 6:45 and straight out the door for a quick run/stretch/workout. Berlin’s another one of those cities with lots of great parks and playgrounds that can serve as a gym. There’s a big outdoor climbing dome a couple of blocks away from me. I was the only one there this morning.


These new-style videos I’m doing are definitely the way to go. Lots more views and shares. But aside from that, it’s just really nice to have them. The skydiving video for example. It took several hours to shoot and edit, but now I’ll always have a fun little video to remind me of the experience. Kinda wish I’d been doing these all throughout my no-fly trip.


On a call with Mark from Authority Hacker, looking over the sales and conversion numbers I crunched for 3M1K. I was about to go ahead and create a 12-part video series to drive more traffic, but he convinced me to check the numbers first. Glad he did. Turns out there are some serious leaks in my funnel that can be plugged pretty easy.

My workout spot in Berlin

The Thunderdome (aka my workout spot in Berlin)


Didn’t sleep great, something on my mind. Up before six and headed out for some exercise. Skipped the Thunderdome, rode my bike around the nearby parks instead. Went by a windmill, stretched in a playground, stopped to watch the rabbits. It was a beautiful morning, sun shining, warm enough. Everything could be different tomorrow.


Got in that flow state today working on one of my sites. Spent four consecutive hours at it, all in a trance, listening to the one song on repeat, time melting away. I often joke with people that I don’t like having a job, but I do like to work. And it’s true. Work can be a beautiful thing. Even if I had all the money in the world, I’d still want to work.


Four years ago I was stuck in Iran with no access to cash and insufficient funds to leave the country. It turned out to be one of the best times of my life. That whole experience rewired my brain somewhat. Which is why, upon realizing at 2am that I’d lost my keys in the middle of Berlin, I almost began salivating at the potential adventure about to unfold.


Why the hell am I still having late nights out in bars on weekends? I don’t drink, late to bed messes up my regular sleep schedule and leaves me feeling exhausted by the time Monday rolls around, and the type of people I most want to meet and connect with are rarely to be found in such places. Gotta be smarter about my socializing.


Timely passage in Dan Kennedy’s book:

The self-image is the governor, restricting the amount of success allowed. Success cannot exceed sense of deserving. If it does, the person quietly feeling unworthy does something or things to bring it all back into balance. I call this the Success Rejection Syndrome.

Exploring an abandoned NSA spy station with Stephanie Lisa Kelly and Kevin Koskella

Exploring an abandoned NSA spy station with Stephanie Lisa Kelly and Kevin Koskella

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