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Reminder: don’t take your thoughts or emotions too seriously when you’re tired. Best not make big decisions when your energy’s low. I’ve been dragging ass today,  moving in slow motion, but I’ve been here enough to know it’s just one of those days. I’ll knock a few easy items off the to-do list, get a good night’s sleep, and be back at it full speed tomorrow.


Definitely can’t continue with the rental situation here in Amsterdam. It’s not so much the price that I mind, but not being able to sublet. Next month, for example, I’ll be out of town for a week. If I could sublet I’d pocket €500 or more while I’m away. As it stands, I’ll be paying for an empty apartment. Looking for other options.


Went to bed last night thinking I’d try find a job for a few months so I could secure a mortgage here, would cost less per month and then I’d be able to sublet, too. Woke up this morning thinking no, fuck that, I’ll just leave town instead. Too many sacrifices and expenses required to stay. I’ve had a good year here. Time to move on.


Gave notice to my landlord this morning, brain in overdrive now trying to figure out next moves. Estonia? Romania? Tenerife? I won’t go full nomadic again – too exhausting – but would like to find a couple of places I could spend ~5 months a year in. No tax obligation that way. In theory at least. Hard to get straight answers on this stuff.


If you could know in advance the date of your death, would you want to know? I would. If I had one more year as opposed to fifty, that would change my priorities quite a bit. The same way my priorities have changed now that I know I’ll be leaving Amsterdam July 5th. Time to start doing and seeing all those things I’d been putting off.

Boat party, thanks to my buddy Jonathan and Party With A Local. More pics here.

Boat party! More pics here. Thanks to my buddy Jonathan and Party With A Local.


Alright, pretty much settled on Berlin now. I’ll probably head to Estonia first to get the business set up there, then to the German capital. Bigger city, thriving digital nomad community, fairly inexpensive, and I already know a few people there so not starting from scratch again with the social circle.


Sorry, Estonia. This morning’s research session has Hong Kong emerging as the front-runner for my business registration. 0% tax and I wouldn’t have to worry about VAT either. I’ve lost €1,100 to VAT already this year since I absorb that cost on sales to European customers. Gotta make some calls first, but could well be heading to HK in July to get everything set up.


Yesterday I was at a talk by a guy who runs a Dutch health website and does pretty well for himself. One article alone generates €2-3k a month for him. He talked about producing in-depth, authoritative content and marketing the bejesus out of it. Good to hear, since I’ve been inching down that path myself lately. Published this monster this morning.


Hired another VA today. Had to talk myself down off a ledge yesterday as I was caught up thinking I needed to do a ton of outreach myself. Now I’ve hired someone for $15/hour to do most of that and I can use the free time to do some client work at $80/hour. It’s a no-brainer really, but still a struggle for me to let go and trust others to help out.


About twenty of us on a party boat cruising the canals this eve, with drinks and music and a loudspeaker and a gay unicorn mask. Stopped off for a bite at a cruise-through pizza place, didn’t even have to step ashore. Then a little rooftop shindig afterwards with bubbles and the good chat. Gonna miss living in this town.

Uh oh! Two Irish men in Amsterdam.

Uh oh! Two Irish men in Amsterdam.


At dinner with a friend and she’s sharing something she’s noticed about me, something not altogether pleasant. I can feel my shoulders tense. I have that urge to shut down, so the hurt can’t get me. But I try to stay with her, listen to what she’s saying, see where she’s coming from. And you know what, after a while, I realize she has a point.


Out with the lads, really not in the mood to go chatting up women after a long work day. But J’s a good wingman and he nudges me towards bright eyes and a pretty face. And it goes fine. She’s friendly and likes travel and ultimate and we chat for a bit. Turns out she has a boyfriend so no-go there, but glad I gave it a shot. Makes the next one easier.


Back in my Bangkok days I’d make myself go out alone to a nightclub, head straight to the dance floor and just let rip. I eventually grew comfortable in that environment, thought little of taking a lady by the hand and making moves. But I’ve grown stale over the years, and scared. Now I’m timid on the dance floor, and that’s getting me nowhere.


Half nine on a Sunday. Sitting here with incense burning, reflecting on the weekend. Wrapped it up at a bar off Leidseplein, had some flirty times and scored two numbers. Felt natural, almost effortless. But only because of the two nights that came before.


Having a mild panic attack as I look at my to-do list this morning. Three client projects on the go, inbox looking cluttered, and a $1k penalty if I don’t get 400+ emails sent out in the next 36 hours. Okay, first order of business then: go take a nap. I’ll get everything untangled and renegotiated this afternoon with a clear head.


3:27 a.m. Been at the computer for most of the past fourteen hours, getting those emails sent out and avoiding the $1k penalty. Mission accomplished. But I’m not sure the goal was a good one in the first place. The whole point was to build back links and get more traffic flowing. Will have to wait and see if that’ll happen now, but I’m feeling skeptical.

Dutching it up a bit.

Dutching it up a bit.

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