by Niall Doherty


Sometimes I flash back to my life nomadic. This morning the hum of a passing fly returned me to a sun-drenched road in the north of Spain with my thumb out, a golden field behind me, unknown adventures ahead. Sometimes a scene will come to mind and it’ll take me a minute to place it. Was that in Peru? Guatemala? Laos?


Is this me giving into the fear again, or have I raised the bar? I guess you could argue both sides. Been getting along great all evening with this beautiful woman. She seems to linger before she leaves as if waiting for me to make the move… but I promised myself I’d no longer date girls who do what she does.


Amsterdam is quieter than most cities. Probably because most of the traffic here is powered by pedals rather than pistons. I live just off one of the main thoroughfares in Centrum, but from the bedroom you barely hear a thing. Best you can make out is the occasional tram going past, and footfalls of the latest blow-ins upstairs.


Resistance was strong today. Had to submit a proposal for a big web dev project, almost five figures. Part of me would love to land it, another part of me is terrified at the thought. Sucked it up and got it submitted, now we’ll wait and see. Lots of opportunities flowing lately. Locked in another client this morning and had two more job offers this afternoon.


Gotta hire a VA soon, whether I land that five-figure project or not. Lots of day-to-day things taking up my time that someone else could do just as well. Every hour freed up from that busy work is $80 I can earn freelancing. It will take some time and patience up front though, training someone and putting the right systems in place.

International Pillow Fight Day in Dam Square

International Pillow Fight Day in Dam Square


Put through my first refund for 3M1K yesterday, within an hour of the request. The guy said he liked the course, but didn’t feel it was right for him. Then today I’m on a Skype call with another member, and he’s thanking me for building this thing, saying how much he loves it, how he’s been telling all his friends. Strikes and gutters, ups and downs.


Booked flights to NOLA last night, a quick trip for a friend’s wedding in June, in and out in six days. I met that friend my first week after moving there back in oh-seven. I was 25 and addicted to basketball, met him waiting for the same streetcar on the way to a game. Man, that’s almost a decade ago now. Lived some since then.


Social first, then seductive, then sexual. I’m great at social. The others, not so much. Tonight I got stuck in social mode, told myself I was too tired to push it further, not feeling the vibe. But maybe I should be thinking of this like I think of the gym. I go even when I don’t feel like going. Especially when I don’t feel like going. That’s why I have a six pack.


Ramble around Rembrandtplein for a warm up. Ask for free coffee at Subway. Chat with a lady taking a photo. Ask the pedicab driver how’s business. Strike up conversation with a mohawk. Get offered drugs. Ask three women if they want to get married. Walk away mid-conversation. Get offered more drugs. Ask a dude if he needs help with directions.


Was out last night being socially assertive – leading men, chatting up women, confronting guys who were making jokes at my expense – and now today, despite the usual Sunday exhaustion, I’m being a lot more proactive and decisive work-wise. Thinking: if you’re sluggish in one area of life, becoming more assertive in another may help.

Helping out at Amsterdam Language Cafe

Helping out at Amsterdam Language Cafe


Trying to get those systems in place now. Have the VA on board and setting everything up on Teamwork so I can stay organized. Will bring on a web developer this week too and practice assigning him some simple tasks, see how that goes. Outsourcing effectively is a skill I really need to master.


Mornings are bright and warm again, so I’m back in the park a couple of times a week, busting out a few sprints, some bar and balance work. Thankful for that gym I joined last September though, made it easier to keep exercising on those dark and cold winter mornings. 118 visits now since September 17th. Sweet deal at €110 for the year.


Was going back and forth the past couple of weeks trying to close that mega project I found and pitched on Upwork. Finally got word today that the client has chosen someone else. But I’m more relieved than disappointed. That project would have kept me busy and locked in for the next three months, whereas now I’m free to pursue other opportunities.


Thinking about taxes. Say I pull in €5k/month from my business, have €1k of expenses and pay myself a €3k salary. That puts me on the hook for €125 in company taxes, and €826 personal. That’s actually not so bad, thought it would be worse. Of course, I’m not at that €5k mark consistently yet. Working on it.


At Bar Bukowski for the first time and it’s packed. Talking to strangers while waiting for friends to arrive. Most bars I end up in are more of a mixed nationality crowd, but here seems exclusively Dutch. Strike it up with two girls at the back of the place. Chatting laughing and dancing for ten minutes, seems to be going well, until one leans in and asks me to leave.

Wiling away the evening alongside Egelantiersgracht.

Wiling away the evening alongside Egelantiersgracht.

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