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Monday, fast day, no grub, plenty of work. Kinda scattered at the mo. It’s a weird week with the course launched and waiting to see how many sign up. Had to get out and walk for a while this eve to clear the head, down old streets past uncurtained living rooms underneath a Rembrandt alongside a big patch of melting ice.


Hadn’t seen this girl for a couple of months, ever since she turned down an invitation back to my place. Now she says she’s here for me, acting all flirtatious, fishing for another invite. Which is kinda inconvenient because I’m on a date with someone else, and that someone else is sitting well within earshot of this whole conversation.


Starting to feel the stress of it. Haven’t been sleeping great, mind racing late into the night. Tried to take two naps today and barely drifted off despite the tiredness. Salsa this eve was good to get me out of the house and focused on something else. It’s all kind of thrilling at the same time. A regular job would bore me to tears.


Hitting the gym on 4.5 hours of sleep. I’ve been consistent with the workouts the past several months, and my body has never looked better. Words from Charlie Munger come to mind as I bust a hundred crunches: “Slug it out one inch at a time, day by day. At the end of the day – if you live long enough – most people get what they deserve.”


Writing this in the morning before checking the inbox. I’ve been warming people up all week with a series of emails about how to get started working online, and today comes the sales pitch for my course. 30 sales this weekend would be nice, but I think I’ll be at peace no matter what. I’ve given it my all and created something I’m proud of. It’s a beautiful morning.




Hmm. Sales are slow. Very slow. The gods of marketing say you need the right product, offered at the right price, sent to the right people, at the right time. I’m thinking the weakest link in my chain is the pricing. Will run a survey next week and get feedback from people who don’t buy, see if that’s it. In the meantime, I gots me a hot date.


Sales have picked up. Was aiming for 30 before tomorrow and currently at 19, might get a few more overnight. Also got 75 new people into the funnel today, mostly thanks to the legendary Ms. Leon posting about the course in a popular digital nomad group on Facebook. We’ll see how they convert two weeks down the line. Wheels keep on turning.


So many ideas, so many opportunities. They key thing now is focus. Prioritizing. What actions will have the biggest impact? There’s no way I can do it all, so I have to be selective. After that call though it feels like I’m on the verge of something big. He was gushing about the course, absolutely loves it, sees the potential.


Sent out a blast this morning asking everyone who didn’t buy the course why so because, got a flood of responses. Great stuff in there. Looks like the pricing was the major issue, which is good news, can fix that easy. Spent several hours replying to those messages, even the ones from people who’ll never buy. Grateful for them all.


Less than five hours kip last night, work all day, no afternoon nap, two hours salsa this eve… should be wrecked but I feel great. Could be setting myself up for a crash, but right now, with how the course is going — more so as regards feedback than sales — I feel like I’m providing more value to the world than ever. That has me buzzing.

Early morning walk in De Pijp.

Early morning walk in De Pijp.


Skype today with my copywriter, who’s great at what he does and business savvy and just turned 21. Then drinks this eve with two guys new in town, both 22 and hustling to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. They’ll all do well, ahead of the pack already just by thinking along these lines. My mind wasn’t on such matters until I was 27 or so.


Almost 2am. She’s asleep in my bed. I’m out here on the couch, checked a few emails before typing this. I haven’t talked to her yet about where we’re headed, expectations. Need to do that. From her messages this week I get the impression she wants to be my girlfriend, which means she’ll soon be disappointed.


Had the talk in bed this morning, went fine. Or so I thought until an hour later when we were mid-tryst and she asked me to promise, between moans, that I won’t date anyone else while I’m dating her. Let’s talk about it later, I said. No, she said, promise me now. And I knew right then what needed to be done, but I wasn’t sure if I had strength enough to do it.


Way behind on posting Momentos and finance reports. I’ve let a lot of things slide the past several weeks in favor of 3M1K. And I’m okay with that, reminding myself of a key lesson from Essentialism: it’s not possible to solve every problem that comes your way; you have to choose which problems to tackle, and which to live with.


Business lunch at StartDock. A dozen or so entrepreneurs in the room and we all got a couple of minutes to talk about what we’re doing and what we need help with. I may have been over-prepared, rehearsed my little pitch at least twenty times since yesterday, twice while juggling. But it was worth it. Met cool people and received good feedback.

Trust Cafe - Pay what you want.

Trust Cafe in Amsterdam – Pay what you want.

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