by Niall Doherty


Spent four hours on a client project today, freelance web dev. That nets me $240 in a single afternoon, pretty good going. That said, I’m phasing out such work so I can focus on creating my own digital products (ebooks and courses). There are plenty of web developers out there who can do what I do, but few people can build what I have in mind.


Sitting, waiting, looking at that magnificent sky with all the red and purple and blue, streaked with jet streams lit up by the day’s last rays. I didn’t bring a book, don’t feel the urge to strike up with the people at the bench alongside. Trying to just sit and do nothing and be okay with that. Noticing my breath, the set of my shoulders, the here and the now.


Mornings are always better at her place. There’s a homely feel, with the good bread and the real butter and the soft old music and a kitten running around. Last night we slept together but didn’t make love, and it felt more intimate somehow. Now it’s time for me to leave. This goodbye will be sweet and gentle. With her it usually is.


Just met this guy, seems we know some of the same people. Almost right away he starts bad-mouthing an acquaintance we have in common. Nothing serious, but enough that I’m left with a less-than-favorable impression… of the mudslinger himself. You always wonder when someone is that quick to talk another down, if they’ll do the same to you once your back is turned.


Yesterday I hit up the Stedelijk. There was a big empty room made of wood, a pile of rocks scattered on the floor, and a massive square of black canvas stretched to the ceiling. This evening I find myself at the Sex Museum. There are big cocks made of wood, a pile of cocks scattered on the floor, and a massive black cock stretched to the ceiling.

Trying to appreciate modern art at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Trying to appreciate modern art at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.


Started hardcore into the course building today. Lots to do before I can launch it in January. The aim will be to take people from zero to $1k/month working online, within three months. That $1k/month mark is magic. Once you can make that much money from your laptop, a whole new world opens up. My goal is to help you get there.


Feeling tired but I push myself to go out for the evening anyway, check out a meetup nearby, drinks after work. I was hoping for a crowd, with a few pretty faces within, but it’s not to be tonight. That’s fine. These people are cool, and I enjoy their company for a couple of hours. Then it’s back home on two wheels through the drizzle.


Energy has been low this week, feeling depleted. Pretty sure I’ve been pushing too hard, expecting too much of myself, and then beating myself up for falling short. Like when a cute girl walks by and I don’t go talk to her, then proceed to self-flagellate for passing up the opportunity. Gotta quit that. Approach or stay. Be at peace either way.


Been a productive day. Made solid progress on the course and got a bunch of annoying admin shit done. Now I’m all clocked out, showered and fresh, on the bike rolling along canals and across bridges, Central Station bound. A girl will be getting off a train in eight minutes or so, and I promised I’d be there on the platform.


I met three men today in Amsterdam. Nate is nineteen from the twin cities, took the leap and moved to Germany to experience life abroad. Richard has been on the road five years, spent one living with hunter-gatherers deep in the jungle. Michael may be on the verge of winning a court battle to see his five-year-old daughter for the first time.

Meeting David Allen, Mr. GTD himself, at a meetup in Amsterdam.

Meeting David Allen, Mr. GTD himself, at a meetup in Amsterdam.


Just spent two hours writing a business plan, as required by my bank before they’ll issue a company credit card. Thing is, I’m pretty sure nobody will ever read those words. They might skim through to make sure it’s complete. But they won’t care what I wrote, just that I wrote something coherent. It’s a filtering mechanism, weeding out the lazy and inept.


Got lots done today, then headed to a Getting Things Done meetup with none other than Mr. David Allen himself. It was a nice, informal affair in the lounge of a five-star, canal-side hotel. The lights were dim, the waiters well-trained, and the tea expensive. We mingled, gathered around the main man, asked a few questions, took some photos.


There’s a slice of sun coming through the front window. I walk over in my fluffy puppy slippers to try get some on skin. Outside the city’s rubbing the sleep out of its eyes. Weather’s turned cold of late but it’s warm in here. In a minute I’ll hear the microwave ding and sit down with a good book for my first meal in twenty-four hours.


Not sure if I mentioned, but I’m writing a book about productivity, almost fifty chapters deep. The idea is to compile and explain all the fundamental concepts of productivity I’ve come across over the years. Yesterday I wrote four chapters, today was a grind so only made it through one. Aiming to have it launched some time before… we’ll see.


Speaking of productivity, the urge to procrastinate was strong in me today. I felt low-energy, distracted, didn’t get done what I had planned. But I didn’t waste the day either, accepted the lull and switched to lower-level stuff, got a bunch of maintenance tasks off my plate. Feels good, getting shit done even on the lazy days.

Sausage sandwich at the Sex Museum.

Sausage sandwich at the Sex Museum 😛

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