by Niall Doherty


A young man and woman call to my door, say they’re collecting money for a charity to help poor people in the Netherlands. They seem nice and genuine and everything, but I tell them straight that I don’t give away money without careful consideration. “There’s too much pressure, face-to-face,” I tell them. “What’s your website? I’ll check it later and decide then.”


Working on the audio and video for the guide now, spent about six hours at it today, and will need a bigger push tomorrow to polish it off. Then it’s various loose ends that need tying up before the launch on Tuesday. I’m feeling good though overall. People are emailing me saying they’re excited to buy this thing, and I’ll be proud to sell it to them.


Skipping cheat day. I allow myself apple pie and a couple coffees, but that’s as far as it goes. I’m trying to keep the diet clean to compensate for lack of sleep the past few weeks, feel myself tip-toeing that exhaustion line and a junk food feast would be enough to send me stumbling. These are lessons learned the hard way through three years of Mardi Gras.


RescueTime shows that I’ve logged 83.5 hours on the laptop this past week at 76% productivity. The week before was 64 hours. It’s a wonder I’m not more exhausted right now. I guess it helps that I’ve cut out all distractions; I’ve had nothing to do but work, eat, and make quick trips to the park and grocery store. Coming together nicely. 36 hours to launch.


Alright, I’m just about done. Everything’s ready for tomorrow. I still don’t know how successful this launch will be, but I couldn’t have worked any harder these past few weeks so I’ll just have to be at peace with whatever happens. Now let me kick back, have some cereal, and watch a half hour of Hank Moody shenanigans before bed.

The 84-hour workweek :-/

The 84-hour workweek :-/


Pre-launch doubts creeping in. Recording them here before things kick off in a couple of hours. What if I fall well short of my goal to make 100 sales this week? I free-write and remind myself that the plan here in Amsterdam is to build my business and finances, and that it will take years, not months, to get them looking how I want. This is just the first step.


I make myself stay offline right out of bed, knowing that if I check my email real quick I’ll get sucked into the vortex. So I let the laptop sleep and head to the park for some exercise, come back and meditate for twenty minutes. Then, finally, I boot up the machine and check the numbers. Well holy fuck: I’ve pulled in $5,000 in 24 hours.


5:38am as I’m writing this, just finished up a free webinar. Had about thirty attendees and only sold four copies of the guide from it so far, but happy nonetheless. Provided good value, learned a lot, and I still have the recording to send out tomorrow, so that might drive a few more sales. I’m about a dozen away from hitting the century target.


I’ve annoyed some people with the sales push this week, had a lot more unsubscribes than usual, and comments outright telling me I was going way overboard. Also this week I’ve had many people tell me they love the guide and would have happily paid more for it, and others saying they admire my marketing efforts. Funny old world.


Most of the interior is painted green. There’s a mural of Bob Marley, a swing hanging from the ceiling, and a cat that must be stoned out of its mind all the damn time. I’m the only guy in here not smoking, just wanted to keep my friend company. I’ve never taken a puff of a joint, never consumed an illegal drug, but not for the reasons you might think.

Exhausted after long days of recording audio and video.

Exhausted after long days of recording audio and video.


“I don’t mean to be rude, but…” Those are her first words to me, followed by the message that she and her friends would rather not make my acquaintance. Fast forward no more than five minutes and a cute Latvian girl is leaning in to say, “I wish more guys could be like you.” Funny old world.


There’s something different in her eyes, in the way she looks at me. There’s a flicker of doubt in there, or fear, the blue not as bright as before. Crosses my mind that it may just be my imagination. Why risk ruining a perfectly nice evening by saying something? So, of course, I go ahead and say something.


I did an interview with the biggest radio station in Ireland today. They booked me into a studio here in Amsterdam, thought it was going to be recorded but went out live. Not a bad interview, but I felt I could have done a lot better. Two key takeaways: 1) Never ask the host, “How are you?”; 2) Start with a story rather than wait for a question.


Suffering from a bit of a post-launch hangover. Mostly it’s the lack of sleep catching up with me. Took a massive effort today to get just three hours of client work done. Chatted with a biz-savvy friend on Skype though this afternoon and he got me excited again about the next phase of the guide, and some other projects I have in mind.


Next time you’re tempted to get into an argument with someone on Facebook over some emotionally charged topic, stop and ask yourself how likely it is that they will eventually feel compelled to respond with one of the following:

  • Good point. I hadn’t thought of it that way.
  • Ah, okay. I see where you’re coming from now.
  • It seems I was mistaken. My apologies.

Now ask yourself if you’ve ever had the maturity to respond as such.


It’s been my best ever month in business. I’d never cracked the $7k mark before, and here I’ve gone and done it within a couple of months of settling down in one place. Next month will be tougher though. I’ve got a lot of work to do before I’m pulling in $7k a month consistently. But I know I’ll get there. It’s simply inevitable.

"Who let that gobshite on the radio?"

“Who let that gobshite on the radio?”

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