by Niall Doherty

Daily vignettes from Belo Horizonte, Brazil…


Skipped going out to watch the German game with the gang. Skipped going out to watch the USA game, too. Stayed in and cold called a dozen businesses in Australia to validate a pain point I heard rumor of last week. No dice, unfortunately. On the plus side, I’ve gotten a lot better on the phone. I’m not intimidated anymore, and I’m failing faster.


We wait a good twenty minutes in the crowd but they’re not letting anyone in, no explanation as to why. Ridiculous, kickoff has come and gone. Are they trying for a riot? We ditch the mob and walk down the west side of the Expo. Kids are hopping a fence and I’m game to follow. Clamber, drop, turn. Two polícia on horseback, bearing down.


I take solace in the story of Roald Amundsen, that twenty mile march. I’m confident that if I just keep putting in an hour a day on the software business, I’ll eventually break through. It may take another month, or it may take a year, but as long as I keep showing up and putting forth the effort, success is inevitable. That said, I’m wee bit impatient over here.


I always try acknowledge them at least. It must suck to have people constantly pretend you don’t exist. So I see this guy on the way in and give him a nod. Black teen, skinny. He has his hand out again when I exit the store. I look right at him a second time and keep on walking. I don’t give money to strangers on the street. But wait, I’ve got a bag full of groceries…


Tai Lopez talks about the law of 33 percent: spend a third of your time with people less successful than you (help them out, boost your self-esteem), a third with people on your level (friendship and support), and a third with people way ahead of you (create the burn, shift your mindset). Most avoid the last third, he says. They can’t handle it. I’m among the most.

Hanging out with Turner Barr and Anthony Middleton

Hanging out with Turner Barr and Anthony Middleton in Belo Horizonte


I’ve had a hundred walks like this. Foreign city, late at night, all alone. New Orleans, Amsterdam, Budapest, Bucharest, Tehran, Mumbai, Kathmandu, Bangkok, Luang Prabang, Hong Kong, Chongqing, Busan, Kyoto, Cusco, Rio… feels lonely yet it feels right, a path I continue to consciously choose. No idea where it leads, or when it ends.


I keep saying it: there must be consequences to shitty behavior. That person must be called out. Otherwise, if nobody says anything, there’s no incentive for that person to change or make amends. But fuck me does my people-pleasing get in the way of the whole calling-out bit. I naturally shy away from confrontation, have to force myself to speak up.


I’m no longer willing to hang in there just to get laid, often checking out early for a good night’s sleep. The thought process goes, “Yeah, I could soldier on to the end of the night and probably take this girl home with me, but a) I barely know her, and b) I want to get up early and be productive tomorrow. Sometimes though, your buddy needs a wingman, so you soldier on.


Forro class, must be seventy people here tonight. You fight the urge to run from the building. Everyone seems to glide while you sputter. You’re right at your edge, and — to make matters worse — your body is pressed up against a succession of hot Brazilian girls while you bumble through countless fuck ups. Welcome to the pain period. All roads to success pass through this town.


There will always be exceptions, but for the most part, I believe the people who succeed are those who deserve success, those who have earned it. The guy who dates amazing women on the regular? He deserves it. The guy with the long-thriving business that adds real value to the world? He earned it. To get what most people want, you gotta do what most people won’t.

Peligrosas :-P

Peligrosas 😛


I try not to, but I do get resentful. Resentful of friends here in Belo Horizonte, off doing the fun stuff while I stay in and work. Resentful of friends I see on Facebook posting pics of what seems to be a never-ending holiday. The resentment is childish and stupid, I know. I’ve made a conscious choice to be where I’m at, doing what I’m doing.


As requested, I custom-built a bare-bones system for a wholesaler in Australia. Last night via Skype I gave her a walk through, her first time seeing it up and running. She loved it. I asked if many other people in the industry would be interested in similar. “Yeah, at least a hundred from the UK and Australia alone.” The march goes on.


Watching Brazil shoot penalties in a parallel universe. We ended up at the wrong bar, one with cupids aplenty. A gay dude introduces us to his barbie doll amiga, asks if we like. A middle-aged lady brings us a gatihna each, asks if we’re interested. Three kicks in and I’ve got a foreign hand on my knee while my buddy makes out with the girl he just met.


Working most of the weekend through and yet I barely did anything on the software business, freelance projects all-consuming. This is a problem. I gotta earn and pay the bills, but ultimately it’s the software biz that will take me where I want to go. But this is good, this squeeze. I’m (re)learning how to say no and demand fair payment for my services.


All aboard the intermittent fasting train now, upping it to two 24-hour fasts per week. Health benefits aplenty, but more than anything I’m digging the simplicity. Less time spent buying, preparing and eating food. Approximately four hours saved from those forty-eight. Plus, you know I’m a sucker for a self-discipline challenge. Working that willpower muscle.

Forró dance class

Forró dance class

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