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How An Irish Couple Earns $10,000/Month Online While Traveling The World

Audio Interview

Carlo Cretaro

$10k/Month From A Content Business

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  • Carlo also found Sean Ogle’s course Location Rebel helpful for information on how to get started working online.

Carlo’s Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Content Business

“I remember one day in particular that month – I’d made $300 by 3pm and decided to text Florence to let her know the good news. She was working in a crèche at the time. It was that moment when I told her the news that she realised that the whole online thing was a definitely possibility.” – Carlo Cretaro

Learn How To Write For The Web

Here are some resources to get you started, hand-picked from the Writing Resources section inside 3M1K:

Use what you learn from those resources to create some sample articles.

Find Your First Clients

Land your first clients by emailing digital marketing and SEO companies in your local area or nearby. Ask them if they have any writing work you could do. Include your sample articles.

Keep emailing and following up until you land some gigs.

See below for screenshots of one of Carlo’s first email pitches to a client, and the response he received. (Click the image for the full-size version.)


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Make Money Online Ireland: Carlo's first pitch

Keep Pitching

Even after you’ve found a few clients, keep pitching for more. You want your work schedule to be consistently full.

Be informal and friendly with your clients. The more they like you, the more work they’re likely to send your way.

Start Outsourcing

As you get busier, start outsourcing the writing work and switch to more of a management role.

You find the jobs and communicate with the clients, assign the writing work to other writers, and proofread their work to ensure quality before delivering back to the client.



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