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The Easiest Way To Find Your First Paying Clients

Tap Your Existing Network

In-Person Networking

Find Freelance Gigs Online

Be honest: did you skip everything else on this page and jump right to this section?

It’s tempting to do that, because those first two steps require you to put yourself out there. But the reason I list those steps first is because you’re MUCH more likely to find clients via those methods.

Most freelancers don’t want to put themselves out there.

They don’t want to write personalized emails or make direct requests or attend real events or meet people face-to-face.

They’d much rather hide behind their computer screens and send out tons of generic pitches via online job sites.

Much less chance of rejection that way.

Unfortunately, there’s also much less chance of success.

That’s not to say that you can’t find work solely via the internet.

Of course you can.

And I show you exactly how to do that in the Client Finder Blueprint

The Client Finder Blueprint

The Tried-And-Tested Pitch & Win Formula For Freelancers

The Client Finder Blueprint details how to find clients both online and off, complete with email templates, examples of successful pitches, and interviews with successful freelancers.

So be sure to check that out here.

In the meantime, do yourself a favor and send out at least three personalized emails like I recommended above, and try to find at least one in-person event that you can attend in the next week.

Seriously, go do it.

Probably 90% of the people reading this won’t, and those are the same people who are going to struggle to build their online business.

Be one of the few who makes things happen.

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  1. Note: if you live in a very remote area, obviously you’re not going to be able to get out and network as much as someone living in a big city. If that’s truly the case, you may want to skip this step.
  2. Co-working spaces often organize networking events for the people who work there, but you can also network with good people on a day-to-day basis by joining one and striking up conversations at the water cooler.
  3. Ref: How To Start A Freelancing Business That Won’t Fail
  4. Remember: business is a social game. People want to work with people they like.


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