Everything I Earned And Spent In 2012

2012 was my second full year being a self-employed vagabond, traveling around the world without flying while working from my laptop. I managed to visit ten countries during the year, starting in Budapest and ending up in Bangkok, all while tripling my income and only increasing expenses by fifty percent. Twas a good twelve months, ta-tee-ta-toe.

Regular visitors to Disrupting the Rabblement will know that I’ve been tracking all my income and expenditure since I quit my day job a couple of years back, and sharing detailed monthly finance reports with my email subscribers. Below I’ll share with you a summary of all my income and expenses from 2012.

2012 Expenses

Travel€ 5,049$ 6,657
Pubs, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Take-aways€ 3,448$ 4,546
Housing and Utilities€ 3,386$ 4,464
Gifts and Donations€ 3,210$ 4,232
Business Expenses€ 2,471$ 3,258
Groceries€ 737$ 972
Books€ 384$ 506
Clothing€ 231$ 304
Miscellaneous€ 2,133$ 2,812
Total Expenses€ 21,049$ 27,751

Total Expenses in 2011: €13,691 / $17,517 (view my 2011 financial summary here).

2012 Income

Freelance web design€ 12,806$ 16,884
Sigma 6 project€ 5,956$ 7,853
$50 Blogs€ 2,529$ 3,334
Gifts and Donations€ 2,047$ 2,699
Affiliate Income€ 769$ 1,014
Google Adsense€ 361$ 476
A Course In Courage€ 322$ 425
Writing€ 231$ 304
Miscellaneous€ 248$ 327
Total Income€ 25,269$ 33,316

Total Income in 2011: €7,850 / $10,044 (view my 2011 financial summary here).

Other numbers of interest

Total cash and bank balances on January 1, 2012€ 3,868$ 5,100
Total cash and bank balances on December 31, 2012€ 8,633$ 11,382
Difference between those two numbers€ 4,765$ 6,282
Money spent per day in 2012€ 57.69$ 76.03
Money earned per day in 2012€ 69.23$ 91.28
Lowest earning month (April)€ 953$ 1,256
Highest earning month (November)€ 4,859$ 6,406
Most expensive month (September)€ 2,962$ 3,905
Least expensive month (May)€ 1,075$ 1,417

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