by Niall Doherty

Let’s challenge ourselves this week.

Lots of things we could busy ourselves doing, but what one thing could you do that would really move you towards a big goal? What one thing have you been procrastinating on for way too long? What one action has the potential to really make a difference?

Let’s do this. No excuses this week. Let’s knuckle down and get that thing done. One big push.

Not sure what that thing is for you? Some suggestions…

  • Pick up the phone and make that call.
  • Block off a chunk of hours to really make a dent in that big project of yours.
  • Fulfill that promise you made to your kid.
  • Ask that guy/girl out on a date.
  • Book that trip.
  • Start that blog.
  • Take some time off just for you.
  • Stand up to that bully.
  • Write.
  • Spend some quality time with that special person in your life.
  • Make a donation to that non-profit you love.
  • Tell the world your secret.
  • Quit your job.
  • Leave that relationship.
  • Start those guitar lessons.
  • Play.
  • Get rid of all the crap that’s cluttering up your life.
  • Visit family.
  • Say you’re sorry.
  • Volunteer.
  • Start that course.
  • Reply to that email.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Forgive yourself.
  • Just decide already.

What’s that one big thing for you? And when exactly are you going to do it?

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