by Niall Doherty

Sunday bonus post! Here’s what I’ve been carrying around my Kindle in for the past few weeks:

Fairly nifty, hah? I didn’t want to go forking out for a plastic or leather case when I could make my own so easily. Tip for anyone who wants to DIY like I did: glue the page edges together after cutting out the middle, makes it more sturdy.

Having owned and used a Kindle for a few weeks now, I have to admit that I absolutely love the thing. If you know someone who has one, ask to play around with it for a while and you’ll be head over heels. Here’s an affiliate link if you want to buy one. That version is without the 3G, which I really don’t see the point of paying an extra $50 for. Wi-Fi has been good enough for me.

Also, while we’re on the subject of reading, I just created a Recommended Reading page listing all the books that have made my world spin, complete with mini reviews. I’ll be adding to this regularly.

Have a gander, then let me know some of your favorite books in the comments below.


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