by Niall Doherty

I’ve ripped through a few quick reads this past week. One of them was The Dip by Seth Godin (affiliate link). I read it because I feel I’ve been in one of those dips for the past few weeks.

I started hard into this self-employment thing in January and it was all fun and new and exciting at the start. I was working long hours and loving every minute of it. In February things started to slide a little, and March so far has been one big struggle (even this simple blog post has taken me forever to write).

I feel like I’m being tested right now to see how much I want to succeed, how much I want this self-employed vagabond lifestyle that I’m aiming for. And it’s not a complete surprise. I didn’t expect the transition to be all plain sailing.

Confucius said all you have to do is find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life. Dude was wrong. When you’re doing work you love the grind can be even tougher than 9-to-5. Now you’re working on projects you really care about, and you really don’t want to fuck them up. That fear paralyzes you, and you start putting things off, leaving it to the last minute, welcoming distractions. Self-sabotage, verging on self-destruction.

Thankfully, I can see the way out of this dip, through to the other side. It’s no big secret to me what needs to be done, what actions I need to take, what sacrifices I need to make. It’s just a matter of staying disciplined and putting in the work.

As my Dad always says, “Nothing worth having ever comes easy.”