by Niall Doherty

Giggidy. In the run up to the relaunch of A Course In Courage on April 18th, I’ve decided to revisit Random Acts of Courage here on the blog. For those unfamiliar, the original RAoC week back in January saw me go out every day for five days and attempt ten things that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Among other things, I sang on the street, got a piggyback ride from a stranger, and a had a five minute conversation with a butcher about veganism. Twas an epic week to be sure.

I’ll be doing something similar next week, only with a twist. This time I want you fine folks to come up with the challenges for me to attempt. I’m aiming to forgo the small stuff and really push myself out there with some big scary actions. Less filler, more killer, as the rappers say.

But before you go requesting I cover myself in blue paint and streak through Cork City, here are a few ground rules:

  • I won’t do anything illegal
  • I won’t do anything that I believe infringes upon the rights of others
  • Each challenge must require minimal preparation (e.g. I won’t be organizing a flashmob or learning how to fly a plane… at least not for this project)
  • Ideally there will be some deeper meaning behind each challenge. Someone already suggested that I shave my eyebrows. Yeah, that would probably make for a funny video, but not much else.

If you need a little inspiration coming up with a few challenges for me, check out the list of 50 from the original Random Acts of Courage. Perhaps there’s one or two in there that you’d like to see me take to the next level?

Prizes for the best suggestions

As a thank you for your time and contribution, I offer the following prizes for the best suggestions:

Note that I’ll be the only judge and my decision on the winners will be final. Looking forward to seeing what you fine folks come up with 🙂

For any Cork people reading this, come see me stepping way outside of my comfort zone tonight (Tuesday) as I give stand up comedy a try. It’s open mic at Fred Zeppelins on Parliament Street (map link). I should be on between 9:30 and 10:30 pm. Bring your happy face.