by Niall Doherty

Yay and hooray and other such words of jubilation. The online course that I’ve been hard at work on for the last few weeks will be launching next Thursday, March 17th.

Let me tell you a bit about it…

A Course In Courage: Your fear’s worst nightmare

The idea for this course came on the heels of my Random Acts of Courage project in January. While I was delighted with the traffic spike this blog received during RAoC, I was disappointed that more readers didn’t join me in attempting the challenges. I saw too many comments saying pretty much the same thing: “I wish I had the courage to do something like that.”

Well, A Course In Courage is for all those commenters and anyone else who may have thought similar. I want you to experience the same boost in confidence and self-empowerment that I felt after RAoC.

See, you don’t have to sit back all helpless like and wish for more courage. You can go out there and get it yourself. A Course In Courage will show you how.

What exactly will the course consist of?

Good question, glad you asked 😉

There will be three main pillars of the course. First will be the challenges themselves, many of them the same or similar to those you saw me attempting during RAoC. As of this writing there are 80+ challenges in the course, with plenty of supplemental info there to help you make your own attempts at them. I’ve also broken up the challenges into different sets, so you can focus on overcoming a specific fear, or start with a bunch of beginner challenges to get warmed up. I’ve tried to ensure that there are plenty of worthy challenges there for everyone.

The second pillar of the course will be the community forum. It’s easy to chicken out of a challenge when nobody knows you’re doing it, so the community aspect of the course is there for everyone to hold each other accountable, to provide that little extra inspiration and motivation you might need to step outside your comfort zone. It’s also the place where we can discuss the challenges, ask questions, and report on our successes. I’m looking forward to interacting with everyone there, and I’m hoping we can all get together regularly for some Skype conference calls.

The third pillar of the course will be an email series, featuring at least a dozen exclusive articles on the subject of courage. After signing up for the course, you’ll regularly receive a new article in your inbox. I have several of those already written, and the rest are in the works. While the challenges aim to get you taking action out in the real world, the email series will focus more on the intellectual side of the courage dealio.

There will also be a resources section in the course but I won’t call that a pillar just yet since it won’t have much in it initially. Among other things, I’m aiming to eventually have in there a bunch of video interviews with some especially courageous homo sapiens.

Limited spots available

March 17th will be the beta launch of the course, which means I’ll only be letting in a limited number of people (no more than 30) so I can keep and eye on everything and make sure the course runs smoothly. I’ll work very closely with that initial group to ensure the course exceeds their expectations. I’ll be collecting feedback, making tweaks, and adding additional resources as we go.

How much will it cost?

Short answer: $10-20 per month.

I’ve decided to go with a subscription payment model for the course. I don’t want it to be just another thing you spend one lump sum on and then forget about (I’m often guilty of this myself; I’ve bought a bunch of ebooks and online courses in the last few months and have yet to give them a second glance). I figure a subscription model provides extra incentive for you to get stuck in, and weeds out anyone who just wants to throw money at a problem but not actually do any real work to solve it (this course isn’t for you guys, sorry).

Really, it shouldn’t take you more than a month (two, max) to receive all that A Course In Courage has to offer. I hope to see folks signing up, diving in, experiencing unprecedented levels of self-confidence and empowerment, then canceling their subscription before that first month is up.

Now, since I’m only launching the course in beta mode next Thursday, I don’t feel it’s fair to charge the full price to the early adopters. So for the first month the cost of the course will be $10. Assuming I get all the bugs worked out and some helpful resources added by April 17th, the price will then go up to $20 per month.

Reserve your spot

Does this course sound like something you’d be interested in? If so, sign up below to get priority notice for the beta launch on March 17th. As I mentioned above, space will be limited, so admittance will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

[UPDATE: No longer taking reservations. Check the A Course In Courage website for more info.]

I pinky promise not to do anything shady with your e-mail address, and rest assured that subscribing to the above list puts you under no obligation to join the course at any time.

Feedback welcome

This is the first time I’m launching a paid product, so it’s very much a learning experience for me. Even if you’re not interested in the course, I welcome whatever feedback you might have. Leave a comment below or contact me directly via this page.