by Niall Doherty

While I’m away in the USoA this weekend, I’ve decided to go ahead and have a ridiculous blowout sale for A Course In Courage. Full access to the course was priced at $20 per month, but if you sign up on or before Monday, June 6th, the first month will cost you just a single dollar.

Yup: $1

If you’ve ever been curious to see what the course is all about, now is the time.

[UPDATE: Zee offer has ended. Thanks to everyone who signed up!]

The method to the madness

To be perfectly honest, A Course In Courage hasn’t fared as well as I had hoped. I’ll go into more detail about it later this month in an exclusive report for my email subscribers, but for now I’ll just say that there have only been a small number of sign-ups since the course first launched back in March.

I’ve worked hard to make it a great resource for anyone looking to level up their self-confidence and personal empowerment, and I remain convinced that it has the potential to help many people. There’s a lot of great content in there, and the feedback I’ve gotten about it has been primarily positive (see below).

But, for whatever reason, folks simply haven’t been signing up.

I’ve gradually come to accept that A Course In Courage will never be a big financial success, but I still believe it can be successful in helping a bunch of people tackle their fears and live their dreams. I don’t want all that work I’ve done to go to waste.

So consider this special offer a last-gasp attempt to have the course help as many people as possible. And don’t worry about signing up, forgetting about your subscription and unwillingly being charged a $20 renewal fee a month from now. That’s not what I’m aiming for with all this. In the email series that comes with the course, I even give you a heads up a few days before your subscription is about to renew, so you have plenty of notice to cancel then if you want to (and the cancellation process couldn’t be easier).

Just a dollar. You in?

If you get nothing else from signing up to the course, you’ll at least be able to read a dozen articles about fear and courage, including the full story about how I failed my first girlfriend, and what I learned from the experience 😉

If you want to find out a little more about the course before signing up, go ahead and check out the Course In Courage homepage where you’ll find listed all the details, plus a great video interview with Ashley Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project, all about how to be yourself in a world pressuring you to conform. Within the course, you’ll also find video interviews with the likes of Spyros Heniadis, Lachlan Cotter, Jackie Rose Helpern, Benjamin Jenks, and Vlad Dolezal.

[UPDATE: Zee offer has ended. Thanks to everyone who signed up!]

Finishing this out with some feedback and testimonials about the course:

Niall has put together a course that manages to be totally in depth, yet not overwhelming. In this type of course, this is essential. You need to be able to ease into your own fears and tackle things at your own pace. His challenges from beginner to advanced are excellent. Highly recommended. – Sean Ogle, Location 180

Every day Niall faces fear and does not let it rule him, and he does this thoughtfully, always trying to leave the world better than he found it. With A Course in Courage, he has built a system for you to get comfortable facing your fears. A Course in Courage teaches you to build habits that allow you to face your fears, and to face life, with thoughtful confidence and strength. – Sypros Heniadis, marinating the mind

I don’t quite know how you’ve managed it but reading through the list of actions in the course, you’ve made them seem not only easy to achieve but important to do. I was quite worried about signing up because I thought they would all be outlandish and beyond me but they aren’t and they also make a lot of sense. – Caroline Leon, Life is Limitless

What I really like about this course is the fact that it’s completely step-by-step, with detailed resources, making you better equipped to carry out the exercises given. CIC starts with small steps to improve your confidence and then goes up a few gears, really pushing your boundaries that you have given yourself. On a personal point – I found a Course in Courage FUN, which is a breath of fresh air to some stuffy self-help guides, as I believe boredom is death in any arena. – Anthony, Man Vs Clock

Note: Since I’m away at the World Domination Summit this weekend, I’ll probably be slow approving and responding to comments.