Through my one-on-one coaching program, you can achieve results such as:

  • Freedom to live life on your own terms
  • Successful online business
  • Improved focus, habits and productivity
  • Long-term world travel
  • Social confidence

Here’s what people have said about my coaching:

“Everything is going well with my freelance gig. Much better than I thought I would do to be honest. Without your advice and input I don’t think I’d have ever landed a single client. So thanks again for everything.” – Barry

“Following our Skype call I felt both more confident that I could launch myself as a freelancer, and very motivated to take the actions I needed to make this a reality, rather than a pipe dream. I feel very reassured by your quiet professional and practical approach, and by having you available to provide advice. This has helped me enormously to keep moving through stages, to get where I want to be, rather than wasting time second guessing and sweating the small stuff, particularly as I am very stretched for time at the moment.” – Fran

“I had my call at the beginning of my work online journey and I felt heard and seen with all the doubts I had. I felt you held the space for me and could support me on taking my next steps. I felt more confident on taking my next steps.” – Vanessa

“Not to sound like a broken record but thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve a totally different way of looking at work now, let alone life, and for the first time feel like I’m doing the completely right thing. Thank you!” – Jacqui

“I remember you encouraging me to take on more clients a few months ago so that I could increase my hourly rate. Well – it worked! I’m incredibly short on time, so I doubled my rate, and my biggest client didn’t even bat an eyelid at agreeing to it!” – Lachlan

“Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for your time earlier this month! It was great to hear from someone from home who is out there living a location independent life. Since we spoke I’ve set myself up on Upwork and already landed my first $1000 contract, happened much quicker than I expected.” – Danny

“My online business is taking off. My computer is about 1 meter away from my bed, so that’s a very reasonable commute if you ask me haha. Thanks so much for helping me to become a digital nomad. You changed my life for the better.” – Justin

“Man, I just pulled in a 600 $ project (various content for a travel site) !!! Got hired by a former client on Upwork who had by the time of applying already 20-50 proposals. And I’m not even a native speaker. Thank you so much for steering me in the right direction!!” – Kian

“Thank you again for all your help this year in helping me achieve my goal of a successful freelance business!– Laura

I billed over $2100 this month on about 50 hours of work total! Thanks to your clear help and guidance, I’ve been able to create simple, repeatable, trackable steps.” – Chrissy

“Niall’s coaching helped me take control of my life! The first coaching session we had, Niall helped me shift my fixed mindset towards one of growth. He was able to answer my questions with beautiful anecdotes from his own experiences as well as providing more questions for me to ponder. Every time I come of a call with Niall, I am full of inspiration about what the immediate future will bring as well as clear intentions of what my next steps are.” – Adam

“Having an experienced freelancer as a coach – that I can check on if I what I am doing makes sense – was really helpful. Someone that shows me how things can be done differently to have a better outcome for both me and the client. He helped me to change from an (actually happy) employee into a happy freelancer, which is quite a change both in skills, mindset and abilities.” – Layla

Finally pulled the trigger and bought a one-way ticket to Chiang Mai. I now have almost $10,000 in the bank, I’m making $1000+/month freelancing even with a full-time job, and have a couple of great clients giving me consistent work. Just wanted to thank you for being a big part of making it happen!” – Eric

“Since last year when we talked over Skype, I now have two regular clients ($3k+ per month), reoccurring clients (one just approved a $750 contract today that he reached out to me about) and now I’ve got this Upwork client on top of nicely paying creative work! Things are coming together my friend!” – Michael

“Before I started freelancing the whole concept of it seemed so intimidating and I had no idea where to start. Niall sat with me and broke everything down and told me exactly what to do. 6 months on, I’m now making $1000 plus a month consistently.” – Thiru

“I was ready to quit this month but I promised myself I’d give it another 30 days. I took some advice from Niall and Sam, made a few changes and booked $3500 and counting in one weekend.” – Louise

“After listening to my goals, current situation and problems carefully, Niall was able to shed light and help me see a new opportunity. It was a mindset shift. I’d been conditioned to believe I just needed to land that one big project and all my business problems would be gone, but Niall helped me realize that success is all about taking a series of steps consistently. It can be predictable and measurable. ” – Hazel

My dream clients meet the following criteria:

  • Already earning $3000/month minimum (from day job, online, or combination)
  • Already have a marketable skill for online work 1
  • Not in debt, and ideally have 3+ months of living expenses saved up
  • Action takers
  • Eager to do deep work (no quick fixes)
  • Calm and thoughtful (not frantic/frazzled)
  • Have an inspiring vision/why/goal

Note that I only take on a maximum of four clients at one time, and I only coach people I am excited to work with and who I believe I can be of significant service to.

If you’d like to experience how my coaching can impact your life, fill out the form below. If you’re a good fit for the program, I’ll get back to you and schedule a complimentary discovery call.


  1. Only applies if you want help building an online business


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