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How Much Does It Cost To Live In Amsterdam?

Will €2000/month cut it? How about €3000/month? How much you can expect to pay in taxes living in the Netherlands? And what’s the best way to find an apartment in Amsterdam? All the answers are here.

The #1 Reason I Stopped Traveling

I spent most of the past five years traveling around the world, visiting more than thirty countries while living out of a backpack and making money online. Four months ago I moved to Amsterdam, and here I plan to stay for the foreseeable future. Why did I give up the travel lifestyle for a more settled existence?

“Why Amsterdam?”

I spent most of the past five years traveling all around the world, visiting dozens of different countries and living in several for months at a time. That was fun for a while but eventually I began to crave a more settled existence.

Travel Gear: 7 Essentials For A Life Of Location Independence

I’ve been through all sorts of climates and situations on my travels, and I’ve gotten by just fine with very little clothing. Once, after spending several months in sunny Thailand, I traveled up through China, South Korea and Japan in the dead of winter.