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Momentos: September 16th – September 30th, 2018

It’s after midnight and I’m standing alone in the kitchen, knees bent, arms above my head, listening to Linkin Park. Been in this position for a few minutes, starting to sweat, legs getting shaky…

Momentos: August 16th – August 31st, 2018

He’s standing at his front door in a dressing gown as I come down the stairs with the suitcase. I say good morning as I pass, and he nods back, but something’s not right. I’m down a half flight and realizing we probably woke him up, when he shouts after me…

Momentos: August 1st – August 15th, 2018

In the year 1670 Baruch Spinoza published a book called Tractatus Theologico-Politicus. Apparently that was the first time many people in Europe were exposed to the idea that the Bible was not the work of God…

Momentos: July 16th – July 31st, 2018

There once was a town where fire was forbidden. Fire was too dangerous, the authorities said. People couldn’t be trusted to use it responsibly. They risked hurting themselves or their loved ones, even the entire town.

Momentos: July 1st – July 15th, 2018

They’re brilliant, local, super-friendly. We stay and laugh with them for a few minutes. Then: “Hey, we’re going to a really fun gay bar down the road. Do yez want to join us?”