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5 Gift Ideas For Minimalists

Just because something’s free doesn’t mean it’s worth having. Just like not every gift is worth giving (or receiving).

One Pair Of Pants (And Other Tales From A Minimalist Wardrobe)

First: By pants, I do of course mean trousers. Not underwear. I have three pairs of those. Now: I’ve owned no more than one pair of pants at a time for the past eight months. And somehow, the world hasn’t ended. I know, shocking. It’s interesting to note how people respond when I tell them […]

Sibling Revelry: Happy Chaps on Different Paths

I’ve been working from my brother’s house in Ireland this week. He’s been kind enough to let me use his speedy wifi and an empty desk so I can knuckle down and get stuff done. My brother is less than two years older than me and we’re different in a lot of ways. While he’s […]

Extreme Minimalism: How to Fit Everything You Own in a 42 Litre Backpack

This is a quick follow-up to the post I wrote last December about how to fit everything you own into carry-on luggage. I’ve downsized quite a bit since then, and I can now fit everything I own into a 42 litre backpack. Of course, most backpackers can claim the same, but I’m not leaving anything […]

Farsi la doccia senza il sapone o lo shampoo: il mio esperimento di 3 mesi

Leggi questo articolo in altre lingue: English All’inizio di febbraio ho letto questo articolo di un ragazzo chiamato Sean Bonner, che da un mese si stava facendo la doccia usando solo l’acqua. Da pazzi, no? Perché? Le parole di Sean: “Sembra sciocco, ci siamo evoluti in creature che hanno bisogno di una serie di sostanze […]

Showering Without Soap or Shampoo: My 3-Month Experiment

I decided I’d have to try it for myself, and so I stopped using soap and shampoo the very next day. That was over three months ago now, and I’m still going strong showering with plain old water and none of the fancy stuff.