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Reminder: It’s Your Life, You Call The Shots

Only you can decide to travel the world, jump out of a plane, learn a foreign language, start working out, study martial arts, find work you love, strap on a cape and save the universe. Nobody decides for you. The responsibility to live big and proud rests entirely on your shoulders.

Jack’s Multiple Lives

A friend tells me she finds her work unfulfilling. She wants to quit and go study medicine. But there’s a problem: she’s already 29 years old, and it will take her a good seven years of study to get the qualifications she needs. It’s too late, she says.


Here’s something I’ve noticed about successful people: They make lots of decisions.

More Reference Experiences, Less Limiting Beliefs

I know many readers aren’t fans of the whole pickup dealio that I’m in to, but I have to say that it’s one of the best things I’ve ever gotten involved in in terms of personal development. I’ve learned so much from it, lessons that aren’t specific to flirting and dating. I think of framing, […]

Help Yourself (And Those Who Do Likewise)

I’m blatantly stealing this concept from Nathan Barry’s blog… You are much more likely to get help if you are already demonstrating that you are actively helping yourself. Very simple, but not many people go to the trouble of helping themselves. It’s far more tempting to just put the burden on someone else to solve […]