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Should We Eat Animals? – Over Beyond Podcast – Episode 007

In this episode we talk about eating animals. The ethics, environmental issues, health concerns, convenience factors and social dynamics. You won’t find many definitive conclusions in our conversation, but it should get your wheels turning.

The Nudge Diet

My Saturdays are disgusting. On a typical Saturday in Amsterdam, my diet will look something like this…

How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

In this article I’d like to discuss something many men will experience at some time in their life (often before the age of forty), but few are willing to talk about. That something is erectile dysfunction.

The Quest For Functional Fitness: 6-Month Check In

Last December I announced a personal fitness challenge for 2013, with a focus on functional fitness. The idea is to train my body and mind so I’m better equipped to handle life-threatening situations.

Why I Quit Being Vegan

Many people have asked why I’ve returned to meat-eating, and this is my attempt at an explanation.