by Niall Doherty

I don’t promote a lot of products or services here on Disrupting the Rabblement, but today I’m happy to draw your attention to a course my friend Jen has created that helps people find fulfilling careers. It’s called the No Regrets Career Academy, and it may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Should you already have the career of your dreams, a) rock on, and b) you may still find a few topics of interest in the video chat I had with Jen. Highlights…

[1:00] What the No Regrets Career Academy is all about
[2:27] Discussing one of my favorite exercises from the course
[5:30] How Jen’s former career violated one of her core values
[7:49] “I gave up a million dollars in pay and benefits…”
[9:11] Why playing it safe is a huge risk
[10:08] Transforming information into action
[12:48] “I had to have a tragedy…”
[13:50] The power of community
[15:52] From being dumped, homeless and unemployed to career success in a matter of weeks.
[18:00] Learning from the best (like Al Pacino)
[20:43] Jen’s big mistake

As noted in the video, the course will be shutting down on March 17th, so make it quick if you’re interested. Here’s the link again: No Regrets Career Academy. (By the way, that’s not an affiliate link. I don’t make any money whether you sign up to the course or not.)

What moments of your life are you most proud of?

I’ll leave you with the above question, which is part of one of the many exercises in NRCA that helps you figure out your ideal career. By identifying your proudest moments, and finding the common link between them, you’ll have a better idea of what’s likely to float your boat in future.

From trying this exercise myself, I’ve realized that the majority of my proudest moments involve self-discipline, persistence and facing fear. Which I guess means I’m on the right track with this entrepreneur thing 😉

How about you?


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