by Niall Doherty

Corbett Barr and Everett Bogue are two of my online heroes. These guys are passionate about positive social change, they follow their dreams, and they’ve both built six-figure online businesses within the last two years. I asked if I could meet with them both while passing through San Francisco last week, hoping to pick their brains as I get ready to return to Ireland and set up my own location independent business.

We met at a funky place called The Summit in The Mission district and filmed the following in a random rickshaw:

In case you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, I’ve listed some highlights below. You can also download an MP3 version of the interview here.

[01:00] Why Everett got into minimalism.
[01:50] How Corbett’s life has changed in the past 2 years, and how he maintains the work/play balance.
[03:45] How Everett got started as an online entrepreneur. “I had no idea what I was doing!”
[04:43] The importance of experimentation.
[05:05] Corbett’s experience when he started and ran a business the traditional way (hire employees, find investors, open an office, etc.).
[06:05] Why Corbett started Free Pursuits.
[06:25] The hybrid approach to doing business.
[07:19] How Everett structures his business to give him lots of free time.
[07:51] When you quit your job, should you dive right into self-employment or should you take some time off?
[09:12] Where a lot of entrepreneurs go wrong (reacting instead of acting)
[09:30] Why your focus should be on helping people, not making money.
[11:00] Why Corbett doesn’t want employees.
[11:43] How Everett leverages existing infrastructure to run his business.
[14:13] How Everett created his own Mastermind group without contacting anyone.
[15:51] How to reach out and find people who are willing to help you succeed.
[17:01] Why A-listers can’t help you very much when you’re just starting out.
[18:08] How to tell if a new blogger is going to be big.
[20:35] The importance of offline relationships in an online world.
[24:00] The importance of being honest and transparent, and where to draw the line.
[24:55] Corbett on “transparency with a purpose as opposed to transparency for its own sake.”
[25:45] That thing Everett never wrote about.
[26:45] How to handle the emotional roller coaster of life as an entrepreneur.
[29:39] Everett on removing the floor and burning bridges.
[31:53] How to handle negative criticism.
[35:50] How Corbett measures success.
[38:43] The key failures that allow Everett and Corbett to succeed today.
[40:20] The importance of putting your heart into your business.
[41:50] Everett’s definition of work.
[42:24] Corbett on when to earn and when to learn.
[44:13] Offering free products vs. offering products for sale – when to do which?
[46:38] Corbett’s advice on when to launch your first product.
[47:45] What’s next for Everett.
[49:30] The work that Corbett is most proud of.
[51:37] Why Tyler Tervooren of Advanced Riskology is about to take off.

Info and links

If you’re looking to build your own online, location independent business, it will serve you well to know Corbett and Everett better. Here’s a little bit more about them, and links to what I believe to be their best work.

Everett Bogue

Everett quit his day job at New York Magazine in August of 2009 with $3000 in the bank. He promptly got rid of all his crap, moved across the country with a backpack and started blogging at Far Beyond The Stars. Within eight months, he was making more money through his writing than he ever did working 9-to-5. Everett has been in San Francisco since May and is practicing to become a yoga teacher. He’ll be writing blog posts solely with his brain by 2013.

Here are some of my favorite e-books and blog posts that Everett has published:

Corbett Barr

Corbett left behind life as a corporate drone in 2006 and has been working for himself ever since. In March of 2009 he started blogging about working and living on your own terms over at Free Pursuits. This past February he launched Think Traffic, which has quickly become one of the best places to learn about building an online audience. Corbett now splits his time between San Francisco and the sunny beaches of Mexico.

Get more Corbett via these links:


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