by Niall Doherty

A quick heads up on an interview I recently recorded with one of the biggest podcasts online. The Art of Charm is the #1 rated podcast in the self-help category in iTunes, and on the episode just released you’ll hear me talk about the following:

  • Getting past a childhood birth defect and the mindsets that came with it
  • Living my teenage dream doing media for ESPN and the NBA
  • Traveling all the way around the world without flying
  • Spending a month alone on a cargo ship
  • Running out of money in Iran
  • Close calls on the road and the self-trust that comes out as a result
  • Overcoming fear and building self-confidence from scratch

Listen now:

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Download the mp3 here

This is the most open and vulnerable I’ve ever been in an interview, and I think there’s some really good takeaways in there you’ll like. Top among them is how you can end up extremely grateful for the tough times you go through.

I’d love if you could share this interview far and wide, and let me know your key takeaway in the comments below.