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3 Months → $1,000 (3M1K for short) is a web-based course for people starting from scratch, with no specific skills for working on the internet.

Within 90 days you’ll learn everything you need to earn $1,000/month as an online freelancer.

No gimmicks, no magic bullets.

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What People Say About 3M1K

I’ve been doing steadily well with my freelance business; I’m investing the extra income in improving my English skill. I’m still traveling to remote islands a lot, but thanks to you, I’m running a business on the go (& improving myself) 😀 Yay to you, Niall!

I’m really glad I joined your course, thank you! Yay! 😀

Misako Y

Last month I told you about the $1100 project I won on Upwork. I finished it and got additional work for the same client, 30 hours at $40/hr.
Second consecutive month with > $1000. I plan to continue this streak until the end of the year.

Ivo J

Obviously, my whole life has led up to this moment, but I’m extremely grateful to Niall Doherty and his 3M1K course for forcing me to go back to the beginning and figure out how to make a living. Once I’d figured that out, it was only a matter of time till everything else fell into place. Best £220 I’ve ever spent.

Karl W

Man, I just pulled in a 600 $ project (various content for a travel site) !!! Got hired by a former client on Upwork who had by the time of applying already 20-50 proposals. Super excited!! I even have another client, a reputable hotel search engine, who is interested in working with me long-term. And I’m not even a native speaker.

Thank you so much for steering me in the right direction!!

Kian R

First off, I love the course. It’s so good. I’ve thought of freelancing before, but it always seemed too daunting, whereas you’ve created a very clear path.

Phil M

What I’m trying to say is that you need to celebrate because you have created a bloomin’ fantastic course here. I’ve personally got loads to learn still and hope I can make it (I believe I can!) but I’m finding it really useful so far – thank you.

Ali H

Hey Niall, thanks for emailing. Things are going well! I’ve got four clients I am currently working with longer-term, which has been great. I’m on pace for at least $1300 made in June, which is one month ahead of my goal but I don’t want to count my chickens yet haha.

Chrissy K

I love your course so far;

Your form system works miracles. Writing it down and then getting it back is like signing a mental contract with myself, with you as a witness. Nice mind hack 😀

I follow your lesson schedule trusting I will naturally grow into more difficult challenges. You seem to have designed it well. Each lesson eases some of arising anxieties. Well thought through.

FB group is supportive and inspiring.

Natalia N

The course is really good, high density, lots of valuable information. Made me much more productive and I’ve only just started.

Dirk D

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A little secret:

3M1K isn’t simply about making money online. That’s just the beginning, the foundation.

Once you’re making a solid income via the internet, the whole world opens up to you.

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