by Niall Doherty

Below are a bunch of screenshots to highlight the results I’m starting to hear back from members of 3M1K, my premium course for people who want to make money online.

The course aims to help you make your first €1,000 online within three months. It launched less than two months ago, but already people are having great success with it.

Note that some of the feedback below is from people who had skills suitable for working online before they joined 3M1K. But there are also plenty of people (e.g. Susan, Conor, Maria) who didn’t have any well-defined skills when they joined the course, but quickly learned enough to start seeing results.

Also, some members preferred not to have their names/photos display here so I’ve blurred them out.

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Lastly, I want to point you towards the blog of another member of the course. Karl Webster has been posting frequent updates of his experience in 3M1K.

Here are a few excerpts…

Firstly, the tone of voice of the training materials is refreshingly frank and free from bullshit.

That’s what I have always lacked. Order. Discipline. Doing this course and sticking to the timetable I’ve imposed upon myself, I can feel myself responding to it. To ordered learning. And the course is very well ordered, which is to say, sequenced. That’s another thing I’ve always lacked. Sequence. Thus far then, I am pleased to report, the course is providing the precise guidance I need to be able to give my best to all the stuff that I’ve always previously recoiled from.

The truth is, I think that doing this course might be a significantly life-changing experience for me. This is primarily because it’s proving clear, wise and well-structured enough to have already justified my commitment to getting organised enough to get the best from it.

So there it is and here I am, thirteen days in.

And although I could probably have tracked down everything I’ve seen and read so far myself – I could even have interviewed Niall’s interviewees, in theory – it would have taken me years to gather all that knowledge and sage advice together. And having it all in one place has been very well worth the £230 the course costs.

If you’d like to learn more about working online and start seeing real results yourself, join the free mini course, or you can sign up for the premium course here.


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