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Learning To Fight – Over Beyond Podcast – Episode 006

We talk about violence and learning to fight, despite the fact that neither of us have been in a fight for at least fifteen years. It’s a bit like listening to LeBron James and Kobe Bryant talk about cricket for two hours.

Thatcher, LeBron, Taboo Topics & F-Bombs (Over Beyond: Episode 005)

Over Beyond is a long-form podcast where I have the occasional meandering chat with my cousin over Skype and record it. In this latest episode, we talk about politics, mindfulness, elitism, democracy, basketball, monogamy, and a bunch more related and unrelated topics. Have a listen, and let us know what you think.

Over Beyond: Episode 002

In this episode we talk about books, beliefs, entrepreneurship, basketball, dinosaurs, politics, pornography, responsibility, and a bunch of other seemingly unrelated topics.

Over Beyond: Episode 001

In this first episode we talk about growing up in Ireland, protective parenting, time travel, books, commercialism, borders, etymology, woodworking, meditation, and a bunch of other seemingly unrelated topics.