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Momentos: March 1st – March 15th, 2017

I’ve heard said that the opposite of a truth is a lie, but the opposite of a great truth is another great truth. Here are what I believe to be two great truths: you must always keep working to improve yourself, to become better, wiser, stronger. And at the same time, you must believe that you, in this very moment, are enough.

Momentos: February 16th – February 28th, 2017

Try to keep in mind that we are surrounded by magic. All day, every day. I can speak at length with my girl three thousand miles away at zero cost, then think of a recent blockbuster and be watching it in bed two minutes later for the price of a cup of coffee. We are kings and queens, all of us, better off than any human could have ever hoped to be not so long ago.

Momentos: February 1st – February 15th, 2017

On Thursday I’ll fly two thousand miles to meet a girl I’ve never met before, a girl I never knew existed two weeks ago. I’ve done some crazy things in the past, but this might take the cake.

Momentos: January 16th – January 31st, 2017

Waves are rough and the tide is low. After twenty minutes fighting to catch one, one catches me, hard. I face plant on a sandbar, my head staying put while the rest of me keeps going. I hear and feel my neck crack and a previously unimagined future flashes through my brain. A minute later I’m sitting on the beach, body intact but mind a bit shook. That’ll do for today.

Momentos: January 1st – January 15, 2017

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

Momentos: December 16th – December 31st, 2016

Had $1,500 worth of free flights to play with via a credit card bonus so was online looking for an adventure this morning. Had in mind Bali at first, but somehow ended up booking flights to Taiwan, will be there April and May. $638 the cost of the tickets so I still have more than $850 to play with. Travel hacking for the win!