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Momentos: December 1st – December 15th, 2016

Heart racing, waiting in the wings to go speak in front of 100+ people. Practiced this talk a bunch and met enough of this crowd the past few days that it’s like a room full of friends. But I found out twenty minutes ago that I can’t use my on-screen notes as planned. Thankfully I’ve got backup notecards with the whole talk written out. Actually, you know what? Fuck it, let’s try it without them, too.

Momentos: November 16th – November 30th, 2016

About nine in the evening as I’m strolling through old-town Puerto, on the way to meet friends but not sure I want this walk to end. You ever have those times when everything seems clear and perfect and beautiful? You notice and rejoice in all the details, wouldn’t change a thing. That’s me this eve, floating through the streets, violin music and ocean waves, a shining moon in the sky.

Momentos: November 1st – November 15th, 2016

Been thinking of a night in Kathmandu a few years back, walking home from the cinema having seen The Dark Knight Rises. I felt a sense of urgency, responsibility, like I needed to do more, be better. Because there are people in this world – real-life Banes – working hard to bully and destroy and separate. We need more real-life Batmans to counter them.

Momentos: October 16th – October 31st, 2016

Sunday morning, at a black sand beach before the sun breaches the hill. Like I said, I’m not much of a swimmer, so best make the most of living here and practice some. Stretch and run some rocks first, then a half hour in the water, breath work mostly. Slow progress, frustrating at times, but it feels right being out there.

Momentos: October 1st – October 15th, 2016

Today definitely a dime on the contentment scale. Got organized for the week this morning, then a tough 2-hour Freeletics workout in the park, followed by an afternoon wandering around town with a friend, chatting up a few nice ladies. Drew some smiles, had some fun. Finally chilling out at home this eve and I get a surprise call from a NYT best-selling author.

Momentos: September 16th – September 30th, 2016

On a flight to Belgrade, you ask if you can sit in business class (no), you ask for a tour of the cockpit (no), you ask the fidgety lady beside you if she’s okay (kinda). On the bus from the airport, you ask people how to say hello and thank you in Serbian (zdravo, hvala). At the hostel, you ask to check in two hours early (yes) and if you can climb out on the roof to look at the view (yes).