by Niall Doherty

Last Monday I delivered my sixth Toastmasters speech, entitled A Dozen Ways I Can Be a Better Public Speaker. The goal was to force myself to do a lot of the things I’d been hesitant to do as a public speaker, such as moving away from the lectern and expressing a controversial opinion. Here’s a video recording of the speech (with thanks to Dominic for manning the camera)…

The dozen ways:

  1. Open dynamically
  2. Get rid of the lectern
  3. Use direct eye contact
  4. Loosen up the body language
  5. Sound like I care
  6. Express a controversial opinion with confidence
  7. Use less notes
  8. Use notes on purpose, not by accident
  9. Use long pauses
  10. Video tape myself speaking in front of an audience
  11. Involve the audience
  12. Finish strong